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Merge tag 'libnvdimm-for-4.19_misc' of gitolite.kernel.org:pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/nvdimm/nvdimm
Pull libnvdimm updates from Dave Jiang: "Collection of misc libnvdimm patches for 4.19 submission: - Adding support to read locked nvdimm capacity. - Change test code to make DSM failure code injection an override. - Add support for calculate maximum contiguous area for namespace. - Add support for queueing a short ARS when there is on going ARS for nvdimm. - Allow NULL to be passed in to ->direct_access() for kaddr and pfn params. - Improve smart injection support for nvdimm emulation testing. - Fix test code that supports for emulating controller temperature. - Fix hang on error before devm_memremap_pages() - Fix a bug that causes user memory corruption when data returned to user for ars_status. - Maintainer updates for Ross Zwisler emails and adding Jan Kara to fsdax" * tag 'libnvdimm-for-4.19_misc' of gitolite.kernel.org:pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/nvdimm/nvdimm: libnvdimm: fix ars_status output length calculation device-dax: avoid hang on error before devm_memremap_pages() tools/testing/nvdimm: improve emulation of smart injection filesystem-dax: Do not request kaddr and pfn when not required md/dm-writecache: Don't request pointer dummy_addr when not required dax/super: Do not request a pointer kaddr when not required tools/testing/nvdimm: kaddr and pfn can be NULL to ->direct_access() s390, dcssblk: kaddr and pfn can be NULL to ->direct_access() libnvdimm, pmem: kaddr and pfn can be NULL to ->direct_access() acpi/nfit: queue issuing of ars when an uc error notification comes in libnvdimm: Export max available extent libnvdimm: Use max contiguous area for namespace size MAINTAINERS: Add Jan Kara for filesystem DAX MAINTAINERS: update Ross Zwisler's email address tools/testing/nvdimm: Fix support for emulating controller temperature tools/testing/nvdimm: Make DSM failure code injection an override acpi, nfit: Prefer _DSM over _LSR for namespace label reads libnvdimm: Introduce locked DIMM capacity support
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