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-How to Get Your Change Into the Linux Kernel or Care And Operation Of Your Linus Torvalds
+Submitting patches: the essential guide to getting your code into the kernel
For a person or company who wishes to submit a change to the Linux
kernel, the process can sometimes be daunting if you're not familiar
@@ -24,10 +24,6 @@ of the mechanical work done for you, though you'll still need to prepare
and document a sensible set of patches. In general, use of ``git`` will make
your life as a kernel developer easier.
-Creating and Sending your Change
0) Obtain a current source tree
@@ -417,8 +413,8 @@ e-mail discussions.
-11) Sign your work
+11) Sign your work — the Developer's Certificate of Origin
To improve tracking of who did what, especially with patches that can
percolate to their final resting place in the kernel through several
@@ -803,8 +799,8 @@ command like this will do the trick::
git request-pull master git://my.public.tree/linux.git my-signed-tag
Andrew Morton, "The perfect patch" (tpp).