path: root/scripts/kconfig/confdata.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-08kconfig: clean up header inclusionBoris Kolpackov
2020-02-05kconfig: Invalidate all symbols after changing to y or m.Tetsuo Handa
2020-02-04kconfig: fix broken dependency in randconfig-generated .configMasahiro Yamada
2020-02-01Merge tag 'kconfig-v5.6' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mas...Linus Torvalds
2020-01-07kconfig: Add yes2modconfig and mod2yesconfig targets.Tetsuo Handa
2020-01-07kbuild: create modules.builtin without Makefile.modbuiltin or tristate.confMasahiro Yamada
2019-08-04kconfig: Clear "written" flag to avoid data lossM. Vefa Bicakci
2019-07-17kconfig: fix missing choice values in auto.confMasahiro Yamada
2019-07-11kconfig: remove meaningless if-conditional in conf_read()Masahiro Yamada
2019-07-06kconfig: Fix spelling of sym_is_changableMarco Ammon
2019-06-09kconfig: require the argument of --defconfigMasahiro Yamada
2019-05-18kconfig: Terminate menu blocks with a comment in the generated configAlexander Popov
2019-05-14kconfig: make conf_get_autoconfig_name() staticMasahiro Yamada
2019-05-14kconfig: use snprintf for formatting pathnamesJacob Garber
2019-05-14kconfig: remove useless NULL pointer check in conf_write_dep()Masahiro Yamada
2019-05-11kconfig: make parent directories for the saved .config as neededMasahiro Yamada
2019-05-11kconfig: do not write .config if the content is the sameMasahiro Yamada
2019-05-11kconfig: do not accept a directory for configuration outputMasahiro Yamada
2018-12-28kconfig: split some C files out of zconf.yMasahiro Yamada
2018-12-28kconfig: convert to SPDX License IdentifierMasahiro Yamada
2018-12-08kconfig: remove S_OTHER symbol type and correct dependency trackingMasahiro Yamada
2018-12-08kconfig: split out code touching a file to conf_touch_dep()Masahiro Yamada
2018-12-08kconfig: rename conf_split_config() to conf_touch_deps()Masahiro Yamada
2018-12-08kconfig: remove unneeded setsym label in conf_read_simple()Masahiro Yamada
2018-07-25kconfig: allow all config targets to write auto.conf if missingMasahiro Yamada
2018-07-25kconfig: create directories needed for syncconfig by itselfMasahiro Yamada
2018-07-25kconfig: split out useful helpers in confdata.cMasahiro Yamada
2018-07-25kconfig: rename file_write_dep and move it to confdata.cMasahiro Yamada
2018-07-25kconfig: handle format string before calling conf_message_callback()Masahiro Yamada
2018-07-18kconfig: rename SYMBOL_AUTO to SYMBOL_NO_WRITEDirk Gouders
2018-06-05kconfig: Avoid format overflow warning from GCC 8.1Nathan Chancellor
2018-05-29kconfig: reference environment variables directly and remove 'option env='Masahiro Yamada
2018-05-28kconfig: drop localization supportSam Ravnborg
2018-03-02kconfig: add xstrdup() helperMasahiro Yamada
2018-02-10kconfig: add xrealloc() helperMasahiro Yamada
2018-01-22kconfig: make conf_unsaved a local variable of conf_read()Masahiro Yamada
2018-01-22kconfig: drop 'boolean' keywordMasahiro Yamada
2016-05-10kconfig: add unexpected data itself to warningPaul Bolle
2016-02-01unbreak allmodconfig KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG=...Al Viro
2015-08-19kconfig: Delete unnecessary checks before the function call "sym_calc_value"Markus Elfring
2015-02-25kconfig: Remove unnecessary prototypes from headersMichal Marek
2015-01-27kconfig: use va_end to match corresponding va_startColin Ian King
2014-04-07kconfig: make allnoconfig disable options behind EMBEDDED and EXPERTJosh Triplett
2013-08-15kconfig: silence warning when parsing auto.conf when a symbol has changed typeYann E. MORIN
2013-06-26Revert "kconfig: fix randomising choice entries in presence of KCONFIG_ALLCON...Yann E. MORIN
2013-06-24kconfig: fix randomising choice entries in presence of KCONFIG_ALLCONFIGYann E. MORIN
2013-06-24kconfig: loop as long as we changed some symbols in randconfigYann E. MORIN
2013-06-18kconfig/conf: fix randconfig setting multiple symbols in a choiceYann E. MORIN
2013-06-16kconfig: Fix defconfig when one choice menu selects options that another choi...Arve Hjønnevåg
2013-04-26Revert "kconfig: fix randomising choice entries in presence of KCONFIG_ALLCON...Yann E. MORIN