path: root/drivers/nvdimm
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-25libnvdimm: fix namespace seed creationDan Williams
2015-06-30nvdimm: Fix return value of nvdimm_bus_init() if class_create() failsAxel Lin
2015-06-30libnvdimm: smatch cleanups in __nd_ioctlDan Williams
2015-06-26arch, x86: pmem api for ensuring durability of persistent memory updatesRoss Zwisler
2015-06-26libnvdimm: Add sysfs numa_node to NVDIMM devicesToshi Kani
2015-06-26libnvdimm: Set numa_node to NVDIMM devicesToshi Kani
2015-06-26libnvdimm, nfit: handle unarmed dimms, mark namespaces read-onlyDan Williams
2015-06-26pmem: flag pmem block devices as non-rotationalDan Williams
2015-06-26libnvdimm: enable iostatDan Williams
2015-06-26pmem: make_request cleanupsDan Williams
2015-06-26libnvdimm, pmem: fix up max_hw_sectorsDan Williams
2015-06-26libnvdimm, blk: add support for blk integrityVishal Verma
2015-06-26libnvdimm, btt: add support for blk integrityVishal Verma
2015-06-26libnvdimm, nfit, nd_blk: driver for BLK-mode access persistent memoryRoss Zwisler
2015-06-26nd_btt: atomic sector updatesVishal Verma
2015-06-25libnvdimm: infrastructure for btt devicesDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm: write blk label setDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm: write pmem label setDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm: blk labels and namespace instantiationDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm: pmem label sets and namespace instantiation.Dan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm: namespace indices: read and validateDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm, nfit: add interleave-set state-tracking infrastructureDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm, pmem: add libnvdimm support to the pmem driverDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm, pmem: move pmem to drivers/nvdimm/Dan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm: support for legacy (non-aliasing) nvdimmsDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm, nfit: regions (block-data-window, persistent memory, volatile memory)Dan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm, nvdimm: dimm driver and base libnvdimm device-driver infrastructureDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm: control (ioctl) messages for nvdimm_bus and nvdimm devicesDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm, nfit: dimm/memory-devicesDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm: control character device and nvdimm_bus sysfs attributesDan Williams
2015-06-24libnvdimm, nfit: initial libnvdimm infrastructure and NFIT supportDan Williams