path: root/drivers/hwmon/lm90.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-10-26hwmon: (lm90) Add support for the LM99 16 degree offsetJean Delvare
2008-10-26hwmon: (lm90) Fix handling of hysteresis valueJean Delvare
2008-10-17hwmon: (lm90) Don't spam the kernel logJean Delvare
2008-10-17hwmon: (lm90) Support MAX6646, MAX6647 and MAX6649Ben Hutchings
2008-10-17hwmon: (lm90) Rename temperature conversion functions to match usageBen Hutchings
2008-10-17hwmon: (lm90) Support ADT7461 in extended modeNate Case
2008-10-17hwmon: (lm90) Convert some macros to static functionsNate Case
2008-10-17hwmon: (lm90) Update datasheet linksJean Delvare
2008-10-17hwmon: (lm90) Don't access nonexistent registers on Maxim chipsJean Delvare
2008-10-17hwmon: (lm90) Support the extra resolution bits of MAX6657Jean Delvare
2008-10-17hwmon: (lm90) Move 16-bit value read to a separate functionJean Delvare
2008-07-16hwmon: (lm90) Convert to a new-style i2c driverJean Delvare
2008-02-18hwmon: normal_i2c arrays should be constMark M. Hoffman
2008-02-07hwmon: Discard useless I2C driver IDsJean Delvare
2008-02-07hwmon: (lm90) Use generic i2c reads during detectionJean Delvare
2007-10-09hwmon: (lm90) Export temperature offset valuesJean Delvare
2007-10-09hwmon: Convert from class_device to deviceTony Jones
2007-07-30hwmon: Fix regression caused by typo in lm90.cGuillaume Chazarain
2007-07-19hwmon: Fault files naming conventionJean Delvare
2007-07-19hwmon/lm90: Add support for the Maxim MAX6680/MAX6681Rainer Birkenmaier
2007-07-19hwmon/lm90: Spelling fix: explicitlyJean Delvare
2006-09-28hwmon: Fix unchecked return status, batch 4Jean Delvare
2006-09-28hwmon: Add individual alarm files to 4 driversJean Delvare
2006-03-23[PATCH] hwmon: Semaphore to mutex conversionsIngo Molnar
2006-01-05[PATCH] I2C: Remove .owner setting from i2c_driver as it's no longer neededGreg Kroah-Hartman
2006-01-05[PATCH] i2c: Drop i2c_driver.{owner,name}, 3 of 11Laurent Riffard
2006-01-05[PATCH] i2c: Drop i2c_driver.flags, 2 of 3Jean Delvare
2005-10-28[PATCH] hwmon: lm90 documentation updateJean Delvare
2005-10-28[PATCH] hwmon: Add PEC support to the lm90 driverJean Delvare
2005-10-28[PATCH] hwmon: Separate the lm90 register read functionJean Delvare
2005-10-28[PATCH] hwmon: kzalloc conversionDeepak Saxena
2005-09-05[PATCH] hwmon: hwmon vs i2c, second round (06/11)Jean Delvare
2005-09-05[PATCH] hwmon: hwmon vs i2c, second round (04/11)Jean Delvare
2005-09-05[PATCH] I2C: refactor message in i2c_detach_clientJean Delvare
2005-09-05[PATCH] I2C: Separate non-i2c hwmon drivers from i2c-core (7/9)Jean Delvare
2005-09-05[PATCH] I2C hwmon: add hwmon sysfs class to driversMark M. Hoffman
2005-07-11[PATCH] I2C: Move hwmon drivers (2/3)Jean Delvare