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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-22KVM: x86: Reload pit counters for all channels when restoring stateAndrew Honig
2015-12-11kvm: x86: move tracepoints outside extended quiescent statePaolo Bonzini
2015-11-18KVM: x86: request interrupt window when IRQ chip is splitMatt Gingell
2015-11-18KVM: x86: set KVM_REQ_EVENT on local interrupt request from user spaceMatt Gingell
2015-11-18KVM: x86: split kvm_vcpu_ready_for_interrupt_injection out of dm_request_for_...Matt Gingell
2015-11-18KVM: x86: fix interrupt window handling in split IRQ chip caseMatt Gingell
2015-11-12Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/virt/kvm/kvmLinus Torvalds
2015-11-10KVM: x86: rename update_db_bp_intercept to update_bp_interceptPaolo Bonzini
2015-11-10KVM: x86: Use the correct vcpu's TSC rate to compute time scaleHaozhong Zhang
2015-11-10KVM: x86: Move TSC scaling logic out of call-back read_l1_tsc()Haozhong Zhang
2015-11-10KVM: x86: Move TSC scaling logic out of call-back adjust_tsc_offset()Haozhong Zhang
2015-11-10KVM: x86: Replace call-back compute_tsc_offset() with a common functionHaozhong Zhang
2015-11-10KVM: x86: Replace call-back set_tsc_khz() with a common functionHaozhong Zhang
2015-11-10KVM: x86: Add a common TSC scaling functionHaozhong Zhang
2015-11-10KVM: x86: Add a common TSC scaling ratio field in kvm_vcpu_archHaozhong Zhang
2015-11-10KVM: x86: Collect information for setting TSC scaling ratioHaozhong Zhang
2015-11-10KVM: x86: declare a few variables as __read_mostlyPaolo Bonzini
2015-11-05Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/virt/kvm/kvmLinus Torvalds
2015-11-04KVM: x86: obey KVM_X86_QUIRK_CD_NW_CLEARED in kvm_set_cr0()Laszlo Ersek
2015-11-04KVM: x86: add read_phys to x86_emulate_opsRadim Krčmář
2015-11-04KVM: x86: removing unused variableSaurabh Sengar
2015-11-03Merge branch 'x86-fpu-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel...Linus Torvalds
2015-10-16KVM: x86: move steal time initialization to vcpu entry timeMarcelo Tosatti
2015-10-14KVM: x86: fix edge EOI and IOAPIC reconfig raceRadim Krčmář
2015-10-14Merge branch 'kvm-master' into HEADPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-14KVM: x86: fix previous commit for 32-bitPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-13Merge branch 'kvm-master' into HEADPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-13KVM: x86: fix SMI to halted VCPUPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-13KVM: x86: clean up kvm_arch_vcpu_runnablePaolo Bonzini
2015-10-13KVM: x86: map/unmap private slots in __x86_set_memory_regionPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-13KVM: x86: build kvm_userspace_memory_region in x86_set_memory_regionPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-01KVM: Update Posted-Interrupts Descriptor when vCPU is blockedFeng Wu
2015-10-01KVM: x86: select IRQ_BYPASS_MANAGERFeng Wu
2015-10-01KVM: x86: Update IRTE for posted-interruptsFeng Wu
2015-10-01kvm/x86: Hyper-V HV_X64_MSR_VP_RUNTIME supportAndrey Smetanin
2015-10-01kvm/x86: Hyper-V HV_X64_MSR_VP_INDEX export for QEMU.Andrey Smetanin
2015-10-01kvm/x86: Hyper-V HV_X64_MSR_RESET msrAndrey Smetanin
2015-10-01kvm: add tracepoint for fast mmioJason Wang
2015-10-01KVM: x86: Add support for local interrupt requests from userspaceSteve Rutherford
2015-10-01KVM: x86: Add EOI exit bitmap inferenceSteve Rutherford
2015-10-01KVM: x86: Add KVM exit for IOAPIC EOIsSteve Rutherford
2015-10-01KVM: x86: Split the APIC from the rest of IRQCHIP.Steve Rutherford
2015-10-01KVM: x86: unify handling of interrupt windowPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-01KVM: x86: introduce lapic_in_kernelPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-01KVM: x86: store IOAPIC-handled vectors in each VCPUPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-01KVM: x86: set TMR when the interrupt is acceptedPaolo Bonzini
2015-09-28Revert "KVM: x86: zero kvmclock_offset when vcpu0 initializes kvmclock system...Radim Krčmář
2015-09-21KVM: x86: trap AMD MSRs for the TSeg base and maskPaolo Bonzini
2015-09-16KVM: add halt_attempted_poll to VCPU statsPaolo Bonzini
2015-09-14x86/fpu: Rename XSAVE macrosDave Hansen