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+ How to try to survive an IBM Mwave under Linux SB drivers
++ IBM have now released documentation of sorts and Torsten is busy
+ trying to make the Mwave work. This is not however a trivial task.
+OK, first thing - the IRQ problem IS a problem, whether the test is bypassed or
+not. It is NOT a Linux problem, but an MWAVE problem that is fixed with the
+latest MWAVE patches. So, in other words, don't bypass the test for MWAVES!
+I have Windows 95 on /dev/hda1, swap on /dev/hda2, and Red Hat 5 on /dev/hda3.
+The steps, then:
+ Boot to Linux.
+ Mount Windows 95 file system (assume mount point = /dos95).
+ mkdir /dos95/linux
+ mkdir /dos95/linux/boot
+ mkdir /dos95/linux/boot/parms
+ Copy the kernel, any initrd image, and loadlin to /dos95/linux/boot/.
+ Reboot to Windows 95.
+ Edit C:/msdos.sys and add or change the following:
+ Logo=0
+ BootGUI=0
+ Note that msdos.sys is a text file but it needs to be made 'unhidden',
+ readable and writable before it can be edited. This can be done with
+ DOS' "attrib" command.
+ Edit config.sys to have multiple config menus. I have one for windows 95 and
+ five for Linux, like this:
+menuitem=W95, Windows 95
+menuitem=LINTP, Linux - ThinkPad
+menuitem=LINTP3, Linux - ThinkPad Console
+menuitem=LINDOC, Linux - Docked
+menuitem=LINDOC3, Linux - Docked Console
+menuitem=LIN1, Linux - Single User Mode
+REM menudefault=W95,10
+REM Please read README.TXT in C:\MWW subdirectory before changing the DOS= statement.
+SHELL=c:\command.com /e:2048
+The important things are the SHELL and DEVICE statements.
+ Then change autoexec.bat. Basically everything in there originally should be
+ done ONLY when Windows 95 is booted. Then you add new things specifically
+ for Linux. Mine is as follows
+if "%CONFIG%" == "W95" goto W95
+REM Linux stuff
+c:\linux\boot\loadlin.exe @c:\linux\boot\parms\%CONFIG%.par
+REM Windows 95 stuff
+REM The following is used by DOS games to recognize Sound Blaster hardware.
+REM If hardware settings are changed, please change this line as well.
+REM See the Mwave README file for instructions.
+SET PATH=C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND;E:\ORAWIN95\BIN;f:\msdev\bin;e:\v30\bin.dbg;v:\devt\v30\bin;c:\JavaSDK\Bin;C:\MWW\DLL;
+Now build a file in c:\linux\boot\parms for each Linux config that you have.
+For example, my LINDOC3 config is for a docked Thinkpad at runlevel 3 with no
+initrd image, and has a parameter file named LINDOC3.PAR in c:\linux\boot\parms:
+# LOADLIN @param_file image=other_image root=/dev/other
+# Linux Console in docking station
+c:\linux\boot\zImage.krn # First value must be filename of Linux kernel.
+root=/dev/hda3 # device which gets mounted as root FS
+ro # Other kernel arguments go here.
+The doc=yes parameter is an environment variable used by my init scripts, not
+a kernel argument.
+However, the apm=off parameter IS a kernel argument! APM, at least in my setup,
+causes the kernel to crash when loaded via loadlin (but NOT when loaded via
+LILO). The APM stuff COULD be forced out of the kernel via the kernel compile
+options. Instead, I got an unofficial patch to the APM drivers that allows them
+to be dynamically deactivated via kernel arguments. Whatever you chose to
+document, APM, it seems, MUST be off for setups like mine.
+Now make sure C:\MWW\MWCONFIG.REF looks like this:
+OR the Default= line COULD be
+Reboot to Windows 95 and choose Linux. When booted, use sndconfig to configure
+the sound modules and voilą - ThinkPad sound with Linux.
+Now the gotchas - you can either have CD sound OR Mixers but not both. That's a
+problem with the SB1.5 (CD sound) or SBPRO (Mixers) settings. No one knows why
+this is!
+For some reason MPEG3 files, when played through mpg123, sound like they
+are playing at 1/8th speed - not very useful! If you have ANY insight
+on why this second thing might be happening, I would be grateful.
+ _/ _/_/_/_/
+ _/_/ _/_/ _/
+ _/ _/_/ _/_/_/_/ Martin John Bartlett
+ _/ _/ _/ _/ (martin@nitram.demon.co.uk)
+_/ _/_/_/_/
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