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+modprobe sound
+insmod uart401
+insmod sb ...
+This loads the driver for the Sound Blaster and assorted clones. Cards that
+are covered by other drivers should not be using this driver.
+The Sound Blaster module takes the following arguments
+io I/O address of the Sound Blaster chip (0x220,0x240,0x260,0x280)
+irq IRQ of the Sound Blaster chip (5,7,9,10)
+dma 8-bit DMA channel for the Sound Blaster (0,1,3)
+dma16 16-bit DMA channel for SB16 and equivalent cards (5,6,7)
+mpu_io I/O for MPU chip if present (0x300,0x330)
+sm_games=1 Set if you have a Logitech soundman games
+acer=1 Set this to detect cards in some ACER notebooks
+mwave_bug=1 Set if you are trying to use this driver with mwave (see on)
+type Use this to specify a specific card type
+The following arguments are taken if ISAPnP support is compiled in
+isapnp=0 Set this to disable ISAPnP detection (use io=0xXXX etc. above)
+multiple=0 Set to disable detection of multiple Soundblaster cards.
+ Consider it a bug if this option is needed, and send in a
+ report.
+pnplegacy=1 Set this to be able to use a PnP card(s) along with a single
+ non-PnP (legacy) card. Above options for io, irq, etc. are
+ needed, and will apply only to the legacy card.
+reverse=1 Reverses the order of the search in the PnP table.
+uart401=1 Set to enable detection of mpu devices on some clones.
+isapnpjump=n Jumps to slot n in the driver's PnP table. Use the source,
+ Luke.
+You may well want to load the opl3 driver for synth music on most SB and
+clone SB devices
+insmod opl3 io=0x388
+Using Mwave
+To make this driver work with Mwave you must set mwave_bug. You also need
+to warm boot from DOS/Windows with the required firmware loaded under this
+OS. IBM are being difficult about documenting how to load this firmware.
+Avance Logic ALS007
+This card is supported; see the separate file ALS007 for full details.
+Avance Logic ALS100
+This card is supported; setup should be as for a standard Sound Blaster 16.
+The driver will identify the audio device as a "Sound Blaster 16 (ALS-100)".