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+To configure the Crystal CS423x sound chip and activate its DSP functions,
+modules may be loaded in this order:
+ modprobe sound
+ insmod ad1848
+ insmod uart401
+ insmod cs4232 io=* irq=* dma=* dma2=*
+This is the meaning of the parameters:
+ io--I/O address of the Windows Sound System (normally 0x534)
+ irq--IRQ of this device
+ dma and dma2--DMA channels (DMA2 may be 0)
+On some cards, the board attempts to do non-PnP setup, and fails. If you
+have problems, use Linux' PnP facilities.
+To get MIDI facilities add
+ insmod opl3 io=*
+where "io" is the I/O address of the OPL3 synthesizer. This will be shown
+in /proc/sys/pnp and is normally 0x388.