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+ Installing and using Creative AWE midi sound under Linux.
+This documentation is devoted to the Creative Sound Blaster AWE32, AWE64 and
+1) Make sure you have an ORIGINAL Creative SB32, AWE32 or AWE64 card. This
+ is important, because the driver works only with real Creative cards.
+2) The first thing you need to do is re-compile your kernel with support for
+ your sound card. Run your favourite tool to configure the kernel and when
+ you get to the "Sound" menu you should enable support for the following:
+ Sound card support,
+ OSS sound modules,
+ 100% Sound Blaster compatibles (SB16/32/64, ESS, Jazz16) support,
+ AWE32 synth
+ If your card is "Plug and Play" you will also need to enable these two
+ options, found under the "Plug and Play configuration" menu:
+ Plug and Play support
+ ISA Plug and Play support
+ Now compile and install the kernel in normal fashion. If you don't know
+ how to do this you can find instructions for this in the README file
+ located in the root directory of the kernel source.
+3) Before you can start playing midi files you will have to load a sound
+ bank file. The utility needed for doing this is called "sfxload", and it
+ is one of the utilities found in a package called "awesfx". If this
+ package is not available in your distribution you can download the AWE
+ snapshot from Creative Labs Open Source website:
+ http://www.opensource.creative.com/snapshot.html
+ Once you have unpacked the AWE snapshot you will see a "awesfx"
+ directory. Follow the instructions in awesfx/docs/INSTALL to install the
+ utilities in this package. After doing this, sfxload should be installed
+ as:
+ /usr/local/bin/sfxload
+ To enable AWE general midi synthesis you should also get the sound bank
+ file for general midi from:
+ http://members.xoom.com/yar/synthgm.sbk.gz
+ Copy it to a directory of your choice, and unpack it there.
+4) Edit /etc/modprobe.conf, and insert the following lines at the end of the
+ file:
+ alias sound-slot-0 sb
+ alias sound-service-0-1 awe_wave
+ install awe_wave /sbin/modprobe --first-time -i awe_wave && /usr/local/bin/sfxload PATH_TO_SOUND_BANK_FILE
+ You will of course have to change "PATH_TO_SOUND_BANK_FILE" to the full
+ path of of the sound bank file. That will enable the Sound Blaster and AWE
+ wave synthesis. To play midi files you should get one of these programs if
+ you don't already have them:
+ Playmidi: http://playmidi.openprojects.net
+ AWEMidi Player (drvmidi) Included in the previously mentioned AWE
+ snapshot.
+ You will probably have to pass the "-e" switch to playmidi to have it use
+ your midi device. drvmidi should work without switches.
+ If something goes wrong please e-mail me. All comments and suggestions are
+ welcome.
+ Yaroslav Rosomakho (alons55@dialup.ptt.ru)
+ http://www.yar.opennet.ru
+Last Updated: Feb 3 2001