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+ Alsa driver for Digigram miXart8 and miXart8AES/EBU soundcards
+ Digigram <alsa@digigram.com>
+The miXart8 is a multichannel audio processing and mixing soundcard
+that has 4 stereo audio inputs and 4 stereo audio outputs.
+The miXart8AES/EBU is the same with a add-on card that offers further
+4 digital stereo audio inputs and outputs.
+Furthermore the add-on card offers external clock synchronisation
+(AES/EBU, Word Clock, Time Code and Video Synchro)
+The mainboard has a PowerPC that offers onboard mpeg encoding and
+decoding, samplerate conversions and various effects.
+The driver don't work properly at all until the certain firmwares
+are loaded, i.e. no PCM nor mixer devices will appear.
+Use the mixartloader that can be found in the alsa-tools package.
+VERSION 0.1.0
+One miXart8 board will be represented as 4 alsa cards, each with 1
+stereo analog capture 'pcm0c' and 1 stereo analog playback 'pcm0p' device.
+With a miXart8AES/EBU there is in addition 1 stereo digital input
+'pcm1c' and 1 stereo digital output 'pcm1p' per card.
+U8, S16_LE, S16_BE, S24_3LE, S24_3BE, FLOAT_LE, FLOAT_BE
+Sample rates : 8000 - 48000 Hz continously
+For instance the playback devices are configured to have max. 4
+substreams performing hardware mixing. This could be changed to a
+maximum of 24 substreams if wished.
+Mono files will be played on the left and right channel. Each channel
+can be muted for each stream to use 8 analog/digital outputs seperately.
+There is one substream per capture device. For instance only stereo
+formats are supported.
+<Master> and <Master Capture> : analog volume control of playback and capture PCM.
+<PCM 0-3> and <PCM Capture> : digital volume control of each analog substream.
+<AES 0-3> and <AES Capture> : digital volume control of each AES/EBU substream.
+<Monitoring> : Loopback from 'pcm0c' to 'pcm0p' with digital volume
+and mute control.
+Rem : for best audio quality try to keep a 0 attenuation on the PCM
+and AES volume controls which is set by 219 in the range from 0 to 255
+(about 86% with alsamixer)
+- external clock support (AES/EBU, Word Clock, Time Code, Video Sync)
+- MPEG audio formats
+- mono record
+- on-board effects and samplerate conversions
+- linked streams
+[As of 2.6.11, the firmware can be loaded automatically with hotplug
+ when CONFIG_FW_LOADER is set. The mixartloader is necessary only
+ for older versions or when you build the driver into kernel.]
+For loading the firmware automatically after the module is loaded, use
+the post-install command. For example, add the following entry to
+/etc/modprobe.conf for miXart driver:
+ install snd-mixart /sbin/modprobe --first-time -i snd-mixart && \
+ /usr/bin/mixartloader
+(for 2.2/2.4 kernels, add "post-install snd-mixart /usr/bin/vxloader" to
+ /etc/modules.conf, instead.)
+The firmware binaries are installed on /usr/share/alsa/firmware
+(or /usr/local/share/alsa/firmware, depending to the prefix option of
+configure). There will be a miXart.conf file, which define the dsp image
+The firmware files are copyright by Digigram SA
+Copyright (c) 2003 Digigram SA <alsa@digigram.com>
+Distributalbe under GPL.