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+(C) 1997-1998 Caldera, Inc.
+(C) 1998 James Banks
+(C) 1999-2001 Torben Mathiasen <tmm@image.dk, torben.mathiasen@compaq.com>
+For driver information/updates visit http://opensource.compaq.com
+TLAN driver for Linux, version 1.14a
+I. Supported Devices.
+ Only PCI devices will work with this driver.
+ Supported:
+ Vendor ID Device ID Name
+ 0e11 ae32 Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI UTP
+ 0e11 ae34 Compaq Netelligent 10 T PCI UTP
+ 0e11 ae35 Compaq Integrated NetFlex 3/P
+ 0e11 ae40 Compaq Netelligent Dual 10/100 TX PCI UTP
+ 0e11 ae43 Compaq Netelligent Integrated 10/100 TX UTP
+ 0e11 b011 Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX Embedded UTP
+ 0e11 b012 Compaq Netelligent 10 T/2 PCI UTP/Coax
+ 0e11 b030 Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX UTP
+ 0e11 f130 Compaq NetFlex 3/P
+ 0e11 f150 Compaq NetFlex 3/P
+ 108d 0012 Olicom OC-2325
+ 108d 0013 Olicom OC-2183
+ 108d 0014 Olicom OC-2326
+ Caveats:
+ I am not sure if 100BaseTX daughterboards (for those cards which
+ support such things) will work. I haven't had any solid evidence
+ either way.
+ However, if a card supports 100BaseTx without requiring an add
+ on daughterboard, it should work with 100BaseTx.
+ The "Netelligent 10 T/2 PCI UTP/Coax" (b012) device is untested,
+ but I do not expect any problems.
+II. Driver Options
+ 1. You can append debug=x to the end of the insmod line to get
+ debug messages, where x is a bit field where the bits mean
+ the following:
+ 0x01 Turn on general debugging messages.
+ 0x02 Turn on receive debugging messages.
+ 0x04 Turn on transmit debugging messages.
+ 0x08 Turn on list debugging messages.
+ 2. You can append aui=1 to the end of the insmod line to cause
+ the adapter to use the AUI interface instead of the 10 Base T
+ interface. This is also what to do if you want to use the BNC
+ connector on a TLAN based device. (Setting this option on a
+ device that does not have an AUI/BNC connector will probably
+ cause it to not function correctly.)
+ 3. You can set duplex=1 to force half duplex, and duplex=2 to
+ force full duplex.
+ 4. You can set speed=10 to force 10Mbs operation, and speed=100
+ to force 100Mbs operation. (I'm not sure what will happen
+ if a card which only supports 10Mbs is forced into 100Mbs
+ mode.)
+ 5. You have to use speed=X duplex=Y together now. If you just
+ do "insmod tlan.o speed=100" the driver will do Auto-Neg.
+ To force a 10Mbps Half-Duplex link do "insmod tlan.o speed=10
+ duplex=1".
+ 6. If the driver is built into the kernel, you can use the 3rd
+ and 4th parameters to set aui and debug respectively. For
+ example:
+ ether=0,0,0x1,0x7,eth0
+ This sets aui to 0x1 and debug to 0x7, assuming eth0 is a
+ supported TLAN device.
+ The bits in the third byte are assigned as follows:
+ 0x01 = aui
+ 0x02 = use half duplex
+ 0x04 = use full duplex
+ 0x08 = use 10BaseT
+ 0x10 = use 100BaseTx
+ You also need to set both speed and duplex settings when forcing
+ speeds with kernel-parameters.
+ ether=0,0,0x12,0,eth0 will force link to 100Mbps Half-Duplex.
+ 7. If you have more than one tlan adapter in your system, you can
+ use the above options on a per adapter basis. To force a 100Mbit/HD
+ link with your eth1 adapter use:
+ insmod tlan speed=0,100 duplex=0,1
+ Now eth0 will use auto-neg and eth1 will be forced to 100Mbit/HD.
+ Note that the tlan driver supports a maximum of 8 adapters.
+III. Things to try if you have problems.
+ 1. Make sure your card's PCI id is among those listed in
+ section I, above.
+ 2. Make sure routing is correct.
+ 3. Try forcing different speed/duplex settings
+There is also a tlan mailing list which you can join by sending "subscribe tlan"
+in the body of an email to majordomo@vuser.vu.union.edu.
+There is also a tlan website at http://opensource.compaq.com