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+Text File for the SMC TokenCard TokenRing Linux driver (smctr.c).
+ By Jay Schulist <jschlst@samba.org>
+The Linux SMC Token Ring driver works with the SMC TokenCard Elite (8115T)
+ISA and SMC TokenCard Elite/A (8115T/A) MCA adapters.
+Latest information on this driver can be obtained on the Linux-SNA WWW site.
+Please point your browser to: http://www.linux-sna.org
+This driver is rather simple to use. Select Y to Token Ring adapter support
+in the kernel configuration. A choice for SMC Token Ring adapters will
+appear. This drives supports all SMC ISA/MCA adapters. Choose this
+option. I personally recommend compiling the driver as a module (M), but if you
+you would like to compile it staticly answer Y instead.
+This driver supports multiple adapters without the need to load multiple copies
+of the driver. You should be able to load up to 7 adapters without any kernel
+modifications, if you are in need of more please contact the maintainer of this
+Load the driver either by lilo/loadlin or as a module. When a module using the
+following command will suffice for most:
+# modprobe smctr
+smctr.c: v1.00 12/6/99 by jschlst@samba.org
+tr0: SMC TokenCard 8115T at Io 0x300, Irq 10, Rom 0xd8000, Ram 0xcc000.
+Now just setup the device via ifconfig and set and routes you may have. After
+this you are ready to start sending some tokens.
+1). For anyone wondering where to pick up the SMC adapters please browse
+ to http://www.smc.com
+2). If you are the first/only Token Ring Client on a Token Ring LAN, please
+ specify the ringspeed with the ringspeed=[4/16] module option. If no
+ ringspeed is specified the driver will attempt to autodetect the ring
+ speed and/or if the adapter is the first/only station on the ring take
+ the appropriate actions.
+ NOTE: Default ring speed is 16MB UTP.
+3). PnP support for this adapter sucks. I recommend hard setting the
+ IO/MEM/IRQ by the jumpers on the adapter. If this is not possible
+ load the module with the following io=[ioaddr] mem=[mem_addr]
+ irq=[irq_num].
+ The following IRQ, IO, and MEM settings are supported.
+ IO ports:
+ 0x200, 0x220, 0x240, 0x260, 0x280, 0x2A0, 0x2C0, 0x2E0, 0x300,
+ 0x320, 0x340, 0x360, 0x380.
+ IRQs:
+ 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
+ Memory addresses:
+ 0xA0000, 0xA4000, 0xA8000, 0xAC000, 0xB0000, 0xB4000,
+ 0xB8000, 0xBC000, 0xC0000, 0xC4000, 0xC8000, 0xCC000,
+ 0xD0000, 0xD4000, 0xD8000, 0xDC000, 0xE0000, 0xE4000,
+ 0xE8000, 0xEC000, 0xF0000, 0xF4000, 0xF8000, 0xFC000
+This driver is under the GNU General Public License. Its Firmware image is
+included as an initialized C-array and is licensed by SMC to the Linux
+users of this driver. However no warranty about its fitness is expressed or
+implied by SMC.