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+The directory ftp.inr.ac.ru:/ip-routing contains:
+- iproute.c - "professional" routing table maintenance utility.
+- rdisc.tar.gz - rdisc daemon, ported from Sun.
+- routing.tgz - original Mike McLagan's route by source patch.
+ Currently it is obsolete.
+- gated.dif-ss<NEWEST>.gz - gated-R3_6Alpha_2 fixes.
+ Look at README.gated
+- mrouted-3.8.dif.gz - mrouted-3.8 fixes.
+- rtmon.c - trivial debugging utility: reads and stores netlink.
+NEWS for user.
+- Policy based routing. Routing decisions are made on the basis
+ not only of destination address, but also source address,
+ TOS and incoming interface.
+- Complete set of IP level control messages.
+ Now Linux is the only OS in the world complying to RFC requirements.
+ Great win 8)
+- New interface addressing paradigm.
+ Assignment of address ranges to interface,
+ multiple prefixes etc. etc.
+ Do not bother, it is compatible with the old one. Moreover:
+- You don't need to do "route add aaa.bbb.ccc... eth0" anymore,
+ it is done automatically.
+- "Abstract" UNIX sockets and security enhancements.
+ This is necessary to use TIRPC and TLI emulation library.
+NEWS for hacker.
+- New destination cache. Flexible, robust and just beautiful.
+- Network stack is reordered, simplified, optimized, a lot of bugs fixed.
+ (well, and new bugs were introduced, but I haven't seen them yet 8))
+ It is difficult to describe all the changes, look into source.
+If you see this file, then this patch works 8)
+Alexey Kuznetsov.