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+This is the README for the Gracilis Packetwin device driver, version 0.5
+ALPHA for Linux 1.3.43.
+These files will allow you to talk to the PackeTwin (now know as PT) and
+connect through it just like a pair of TNCs. To do this you will also
+require the AX.25 code in the kernel enabled.
+There are four files in this archive; this readme, a patch file, a .c file
+and finally a .h file. The two program files need to be put into the
+drivers/net directory in the Linux source tree, for me this is the
+directory /usr/src/linux/drivers/net. The patch file needs to be patched in
+at the top of the Linux source tree (/usr/src/linux in my case).
+You will most probably have to edit the pt.c file to suit your own setup,
+this should just involve changing some of the defines at the top of the file.
+Please note that if you run an external modem you must specify a speed of 0.
+The program is currently setup to run a 4800 baud external modem on port A
+and a Kantronics DE-9600 daughter board on port B so if you have this (or
+something similar) then you're right.
+To compile in the driver, put the files in the correct place and patch in
+the diff. You will have to re-configure the kernel again before you
+recompile it.
+The driver is not real good at the moment for finding the card. You can
+'help' it by changing the order of the potential addresses in the structure
+found in the pt_init() function so the address of where the card is is put
+After compiling, you have to get them going, they are pretty well like any
+other net device and just need ifconfig to get them going.
+As an example, here is my /etc/rc.net
+# Configure the PackeTwin, port A.
+/sbin/ifconfig pt0a hw ax25 vk2xlz mtu 512
+/sbin/ifconfig pt0a broadcast netmask
+/sbin/route add -net netmask dev pt0a
+/sbin/route add -net netmask gw dev pt0a
+/sbin/route add -net netmask dev pt0a
+/sbin/route add -host dev pt0a
+# Configure the PackeTwin, port B.
+/sbin/ifconfig pt0b hw ax25 vk2xlz-1 mtu 512
+/sbin/ifconfig pt0b broadcast netmask
+/sbin/route add -host dev pt0b
+/sbin/route add -host dev pt0b
+/sbin/route add -host dev pt0b
+This version of the driver comes under the GNU GPL. If you have one of my
+previous (non-GPL) versions of the driver, please update to this one.
+I hope that this all works well for you. I would be pleased to hear how
+many people use the driver and if it does its job.
+ - Craig vk2xlz <csmall@small.dropbear.id.au>