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+This is a new low-level driver to support analog joystick attached to
+Crystal SoundFusion CS4610/CS4612/CS4615. This code is based upon
+Vortex/Solo drivers as an example of decoration style, and ALSA
+0.5.8a kernel drivers as an chipset documentation and samples.
+This version does not have cooked mode support; the basic code
+is present here, but have not tested completely. The button analysis
+is completed in this mode, but the axis movement is not.
+Raw mode works fine with analog joystick front-end driver and cs461x
+driver as a backend. I've tested this driver with CS4610, 4-axis and
+4-button joystick; I mean the jstest utility. Also I've tried to
+play in xracer game using joystick, and the result is better than
+keyboard only mode.
+The sensitivity and calibrate quality have not been tested; the two
+reasons are performed: the same hardware cannot work under Win95 (blue
+screen in VJOYD); I have no documentation on my chip; and the existing
+behavior in my case was not raised the requirement of joystick calibration.
+So the driver have no code to perform hardware related calibration.
+The patch contains minor changes of Config.in and Makefile files. All
+needed code have been moved to one separate file cs461x.c like ns558.c
+This driver have the basic support for PCI devices only; there is no
+ISA or PnP ISA cards supported. AFAIK the ns558 have support for Crystal
+ISA and PnP ISA series.
+The driver works witn ALSA drivers simultaneously. For exmple, the xracer
+uses joystick as input device and PCM device as sound output in one time.
+There are no sound or input collisions detected. The source code have
+comments about them; but I've found the joystick can be initialized
+separately of ALSA modules. So, you canm use only one joystick driver
+without ALSA drivers. The ALSA drivers are not needed to compile or
+run this driver.
+There are no debug information print have been placed in source, and no
+specific options required to work this driver. The found chipset parameters
+are printed via printk(KERN_INFO "..."), see the /var/log/messages to
+inspect cs461x: prefixed messages to determine possible card detection