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+Kernel driver i2c-prosavage
+Supported adapters:
+ S3/VIA KM266/VT8375 aka ProSavage8
+ S3/VIA KM133/VT8365 aka Savage4
+Author: Henk Vergonet <henk@god.dyndns.org>
+The Savage4 chips contain two I2C interfaces (aka a I2C 'master' or
+The first interface is used for DDC (Data Display Channel) which is a
+serial channel through the VGA monitor connector to a DDC-compliant
+monitor. This interface is defined by the Video Electronics Standards
+Association (VESA). The standards are available for purchase at
+http://www.vesa.org . The second interface is a general-purpose I2C bus.
+Usefull for gaining access to the TV Encoder chips.