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2.14 /proc/<pid>/io - Display the IO accounting fields
2.15 /proc/<pid>/coredump_filter - Core dump filtering settings
2.16 /proc/<pid>/mountinfo - Information about mounts
+ 2.17 /proc/sys/fs/epoll - Configuration options for the epoll interface
@@ -2483,4 +2484,30 @@ For more information on mount propagation see:
+2.17 /proc/sys/fs/epoll - Configuration options for the epoll interface
+This directory contains configuration options for the epoll(7) interface.
+This is the maximum number of epoll file descriptors that a single user can
+have open at a given time. The default value is 128, and should be enough
+for normal users.
+Every epoll file descriptor can store a number of files to be monitored
+for event readiness. Each one of these monitored files constitutes a "watch".
+This configuration option sets the maximum number of "watches" that are
+allowed for each user.
+Each "watch" costs roughly 90 bytes on a 32bit kernel, and roughly 160 bytes
+on a 64bit one.
+The current default value for max_user_watches is the 1/32 of the available
+low memory, divided for the "watch" cost in bytes.