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+[This file is cloned from VesaFB/matroxfb]
+What is sa1100fb?
+This is a driver for a graphic framebuffer for the SA-1100 LCD
+For most common passive displays, giving the option
+on the kernel command line should be enough to configure the
+controller. The bits per pixel (bpp) value should be 4, 8, 12, or
+16. LCCR values are display-specific and should be computed as
+documented in the SA-1100 Developer's Manual, Section 11.7. Dual-panel
+displays are supported as long as the SDS bit is set in LCCR0; GPIO<9:2>
+are used for the lower panel.
+For active displays or displays requiring additional configuration
+(controlling backlights, powering on the LCD, etc.), the command line
+options may not be enough to configure the display. Adding sections to
+sa1100fb_init_fbinfo(), sa1100fb_activate_var(),
+sa1100fb_disable_lcd_controller(), and sa1100fb_enable_lcd_controller()
+will probably be necessary.
+Accepted options:
+bpp:<value> Configure for <value> bits per pixel
+lccr0:<value> Configure LCD control register 0 (11.7.3)
+lccr1:<value> Configure LCD control register 1 (11.7.4)
+lccr2:<value> Configure LCD control register 2 (11.7.5)
+lccr3:<value> Configure LCD control register 3 (11.7.6)
+Mark Huang <mhuang@livetoy.com>