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+ -- Documentation/cdrom/sjcd
+ 80% of the work takes 20% of the time,
+ 20% of the work takes 80% of the time...
+ (Murphy's law)
+ Once started, training can not be stopped...
+ (Star Wars)
+This is the README for the sjcd cdrom driver, version 1.6.
+This file is meant as a tips & tricks edge for the usage of the SANYO CDR-H94A
+cdrom drive. It will grow as the questions arise. ;-)
+For info on configuring the ISP16 sound card look at Documentation/cdrom/isp16.
+The driver should work with any of the Panasonic, Sony or Mitsumi style
+CDROM interfaces.
+The cdrom interface on Media Magic's soft configurable sound card ISP16,
+which used to be included in the driver, is now supported in a separate module.
+This initialisation module will probably also work with other interfaces
+based on an OPTi 82C928 or 82C929 chip (like MAD16 and Mozart): see the
+documentation Documentation/cdrom/isp16.
+The device major for sjcd is 18, and minor is 0. Create a block special
+file in your /dev directory (e.g., /dev/sjcd) with these numbers.
+(For those who don't know, being root and doing the following should do
+the trick:
+ mknod -m 644 /dev/sjcd b 18 0
+and mount the cdrom by /dev/sjcd).
+The default configuration parameters are:
+ base address 0x340
+ no irq
+ no dma
+(Actually the CDR-H94A doesn't know how to use irq and dma.)
+As of version 1.2, setting base address at boot time is supported
+through the use of command line options: type at the "boot:" prompt:
+ linux sjcd=<base_address>
+(where you would use the kernel labeled "linux" in lilo's configuration
+file /etc/lilo.conf). You could also use 'append="sjcd=<configuration_info>"'
+in the appropriate section of /etc/lilo.conf
+If you're building a kernel yourself you can set your default base
+i/o address with SJCD_BASE_ADDR in /usr/src/linux/drivers/cdrom/sjcd.h.
+The sjcd driver supports being loaded as a module. The following
+command will set the base i/o address on the fly (assuming you
+have installed the module in an appropriate place).
+ insmod sjcd.o sjcd_base=<base_address>
+Have fun!
+If something is wrong, please email to vadim@rbrf.ru
+ or vadim@ipsun.ras.ru
+ or model@cecmow.enet.dec.com
+ or H.T.M.v.d.Maarel@marin.nl
+It happens sometimes that Vadim is not reachable by mail. For these
+instances, Eric van der Maarel will help too.
+ Vadim V. Model, Eric van der Maarel, Eberhard Moenkeberg