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+Pangolin is a StrongARM 1110-based evaluation platform produced
+by Dialogue Technology (http://www.dialogue.com.tw/).
+It has EISA slots for ease of configuration with SDRAM/Flash
+memory card, USB/Serial/Audio card, Compact Flash card,
+PCMCIA/IDE card and TFT-LCD card.
+To compile for Pangolin, you must issue the following commands:
+ make pangolin_config
+ make oldconfig
+ make zImage
+Supported peripherals:
+- SA1110 serial port (UART1/UART2/UART3)
+- flash memory access
+- compact flash driver
+- UDA1341 sound driver
+- SA1100 LCD controller for 800x600 16bpp TFT-LCD
+- MQ-200 driver for 800x600 16bpp TFT-LCD
+- Penmount(touch panel) driver
+- PCMCIA driver
+- SMC91C94 LAN driver
+- IDE driver (experimental)