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Merge git://git.infradead.org/users/willy/linux-nvme
Pull NVMe update from Matthew Wilcox: "Mostly bugfixes again for the NVMe driver. I'd like to call out the exported tracepoint in the block layer; I believe Keith has cleared this with Jens. We've had a few reports from people who're really pounding on NVMe devices at scale, hence the timeout changes (and new module parameters), hotplug cpu deadlock, tracepoints, and minor performance tweaks" [ Jens hadn't seen that tracepoint thing, but is ok with it - it will end up going away when mq conversion happens ] * git://git.infradead.org/users/willy/linux-nvme: (22 commits) NVMe: Fix START_STOP_UNIT Scsi->NVMe translation. NVMe: Use Log Page constants in SCSI emulation NVMe: Define Log Page constants NVMe: Fix hot cpu notification dead lock NVMe: Rename io_timeout to nvme_io_timeout NVMe: Use last bytes of f/w rev SCSI Inquiry NVMe: Adhere to request queue block accounting enable/disable NVMe: Fix nvme get/put queue semantics NVMe: Delete NVME_GET_FEAT_TEMP_THRESH NVMe: Make admin timeout a module parameter NVMe: Make iod bio timeout a parameter NVMe: Prevent possible NULL pointer dereference NVMe: Fix the buffer size passed in GetLogPage(CDW10.NUMD) NVMe: Update data structures for NVMe 1.2 NVMe: Enable BUILD_BUG_ON checks NVMe: Update namespace and controller identify structures to the 1.1a spec NVMe: Flush with data support NVMe: Configure support for block flush NVMe: Add tracepoints NVMe: Protect against badly formatted CQEs ...
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