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Initial git repository build. I'm not bothering with the full history, even though we have it. We can create a separate "historical" git archive of that later if we want to, and in the meantime it's about 3.2GB when imported into git - space that would just make the early git days unnecessarily complicated, when we don't have a lot of good infrastructure for it. Let it rip!
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+2002-01-19 Russell King <rmk@arm.linux.org.uk>
+ * fpa11.h - Add documentation
+ - remove userRegisters pointer from this structure.
+ - add new method to obtain integer register values.
+ * softfloat.c - Remove float128
+ * softfloat.h - Remove float128
+ * softfloat-specialize - Remove float128
+ * The FPA11 structure is not a kernel-specific data structure.
+ It is used by users of ptrace to examine the values of the
+ floating point registers. Therefore, any changes to the
+ FPA11 structure (size or position of elements contained
+ within) have to be well thought out.
+ * Since 128-bit float requires the FPA11 structure to change
+ size, it has been removed. 128-bit float is currently unused,
+ and needs various things to be re-worked so that we won't
+ overflow the available space in the task structure.
+ * The changes are designed to break any patch that goes on top
+ of this code, so that the authors properly review their changes.
+1999-08-19 Scott Bambrough <scottb@netwinder.org>
+ * fpmodule.c - Changed version number to 0.95
+ * fpa11.h - modified FPA11, FPREG structures
+ * fpa11.c - Changes due to FPA11, FPREG structure alterations.
+ * fpa11_cpdo.c - Changes due to FPA11, FPREG structure alterations.
+ * fpa11_cpdt.c - Changes due to FPA11, FPREG structure alterations.
+ * fpa11_cprt.c - Changes due to FPA11, FPREG structure alterations.
+ * single_cpdo.c - Changes due to FPA11, FPREG structure alterations.
+ * double_cpdo.c - Changes due to FPA11, FPREG structure alterations.
+ * extended_cpdo.c - Changes due to FPA11, FPREG structure alterations.
+ * I discovered several bugs. First and worst is that the kernel
+ passes in a pointer to the FPE's state area. This is defined
+ as a struct user_fp (see user.h). This pointer was cast to a
+ FPA11*. Unfortunately FPA11 and user_fp are of different sizes;
+ user_fp is smaller. This meant that the FPE scribbled on things
+ below its area, which is bad, as the area is in the thread_struct
+ embedded in the process task structure. Thus we were scribbling
+ over one of the most important structures in the entire OS.
+ * user_fp and FPA11 have now been harmonized. Most of the changes
+ in the above code were dereferencing problems due to moving the
+ register type out of FPREG, and getting rid of the union variable
+ fpvalue.
+ * Second I noticed resetFPA11 was not always being called for a
+ task. This should happen on the first floating point exception
+ that occurs. It is controlled by init_flag in FPA11. The
+ comment in the code beside init_flag state the kernel guarantees
+ this to be zero. Not so. I found that the kernel recycles task
+ structures, and that recycled ones may not have init_flag zeroed.
+ I couldn't even find anything that guarantees it is zeroed when
+ when the task structure is initially allocated. In any case
+ I now initialize the entire FPE state in the thread structure to
+ zero when allocated and recycled. See alloc_task_struct() and
+ flush_thread() in arch/arm/process.c. The change to
+ alloc_task_struct() may not be necessary, but I left it in for
+ completeness (better safe than sorry).
+1998-11-23 Scott Bambrough <scottb@netwinder.org>
+ * README.FPE - fix typo in description of lfm/sfm instructions
+ * NOTES - Added file to describe known bugs/problems
+ * fpmodule.c - Changed version number to 0.94
+1998-11-20 Scott Bambrough <scottb@netwinder.org>
+ * README.FPE - fix description of URD, NRM instructions
+ * TODO - remove URD, NRM instructions from TODO list
+ * single_cpdo.c - implement URD, NRM
+ * double_cpdo.c - implement URD, NRM
+ * extended_cpdo.c - implement URD, NRM
+1998-11-19 Scott Bambrough <scottb@netwinder.org>
+ * ChangeLog - Added this file to track changes made.
+ * fpa11.c - added code to initialize register types to typeNone
+ * fpa11_cpdt.c - fixed bug in storeExtended (typeExtended changed to
+ typeDouble in switch statement)