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+ Parallel link cable for Texas Instruments handhelds
+ ===================================================
+Author: Romain Lievin
+Homepage: http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tidev/index.html
+This is a driver for the very common home-made parallel link cable, a cable
+designed for connecting TI8x/9x graphing calculators (handhelds) to a computer
+or workstation (Alpha, Sparc). Given that driver is built on parport, the
+parallel port abstraction layer, this driver is architecture-independent.
+It can also be used with another device plugged on the same port (such as a
+ZIP drive). I have a 100MB ZIP and both of them work fine!
+If you need more information, please visit the 'TI drivers' homepage at the URL
+A TI calculator and a program capable of communicating with your calculator.
+TiLP will work for sure (since I am its developer!). yal92 may be able to use
+it by changing tidev for tipar (may require some hacking...).
+You must have first compiled parport support (CONFIG_PARPORT_DEV): either
+compiled in your kernel, either as a module.
+Next, (as root):
+ modprobe parport
+ modprobe tipar
+If it is not already there (it usually is), create the device:
+ mknod /dev/tipar0 c 115 0
+ mknod /dev/tipar1 c 115 1
+ mknod /dev/tipar2 c 115 2
+You will have to set permissions on this device to allow you to read/write
+from it:
+ chmod 666 /dev/tipar[0..2]
+Now you are ready to run a linking program such as TiLP. Be sure to configure
+it properly (RTFM).
+ You can set these with: modprobe tipar NAME=VALUE
+ There is currently no way to set these on a per-cable basis.
+ NAME: timeout
+ TYPE: integer
+ DESC: Timeout value in tenth of seconds. If no data is available once this
+ time has expired then the driver will return with a timeout error.
+ NAME: delay
+ TYPE: integer
+ DESC: Inter-bit delay in micro-seconds. A lower value gives an higher data
+ rate but makes transmission less reliable.
+These parameters can be changed at run time by any program via ioctl(2) calls
+as listed in ./include/linux/ticable.h.
+Rather than write 50 pages describing the ioctl() and so on, it is
+perhaps more useful you look at ticables library (dev_link.c) that demonstrates
+how to use them, and demonstrates the features of the driver. This is
+probably a lot more useful to people interested in writing applications
+that will be using this driver.
+You can email me at roms@lpg.ticalc.org. Please prefix the subject line
+with "TIPAR: " so that I am certain to notice your message.
+You can also mail JB at jb@jblache.org. He packaged these drivers for Debian.
+The code is based on tidev.c & parport.c.
+The driver has been developed independently of Texas Instruments.