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+OPL3-SA1 sound driver (opl3sa.o)
+Note: This howto only describes how to setup the OPL3-SA1 chip; this info
+does not apply to the SA2, SA3, or SA4.
+The Yamaha OPL3-SA1 sound chip is usually found built into motherboards, and
+it's a decent little chip offering a WSS mode, a SB Pro emulation mode, MPU401
+and OPL3 FM Synth capabilities.
+You can enable inclusion of the driver via CONFIG_SOUND_OPL3SA1=m, or
+CONFIG_SOUND_OPL3SA1=y through 'make config/xconfig/menuconfig'.
+You'll need to know all of the relevant info (irq, dma, and io port) for the
+chip's WSS mode, since that is the mode the kernel sound driver uses, and of
+course you'll also need to know about where the MPU401 and OPL3 ports and
+IRQs are if you want to use those.
+Here's the skinny on how to load it as a module:
+ modprobe opl3sa io=0x530 irq=11 dma=0 dma2=1 mpu_io=0x330 mpu_irq=5
+Module options in detail:
+ io: This is the WSS's port base.
+ irq: This is the WSS's IRQ.
+ dma: This is the WSS's DMA line. In my BIOS setup screen this was
+ listed as "WSS Play DMA"
+ dma2: This is the WSS's secondary DMA line. My BIOS calls it the
+ "WSS capture DMA"
+ mpu_io: This is the MPU401's port base.
+ mpu_irq: This is the MPU401's IRQ.
+If you'd like to use the OPL3 FM Synthesizer, make sure you enable
+CONFIG_SOUND_YM3812 (in 'make config'). That'll build the opl3.o module.
+Then a simple 'insmod opl3 io=0x388', and you now have FM Synth.
+You can also use the SoftOSS software synthesizer instead of the builtin OPL3.
+Here's how:
+Say 'y' or 'm' to "SoftOSS software wave table engine" in make config.
+If you said yes, the software synth is available once you boot your new
+If you chose to build it as a module, just insmod the resulting softoss2.o
+Questions? Comments?