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+Linux 2.4 Sound Changes
+Christoph Hellwig, <hch@infradead.org>
+=== isapnp support
+The Linux 2.4 Kernel does have reliable in-kernel isapnp support.
+Some drivers (sb.o, ad1816.o awe_wave.o) do now support automatically
+detecting and configuring isapnp devices.
+If you have a not yet supported isapnp soundcard, mail me the content
+of '/proc/isapnp' on your system and some information about your card
+and its driver(s) so I can try to get isapnp working for it.
+=== soundcard resources on kernel commandline
+Before Linux 2.4 you had to specify the resources for sounddrivers
+statically linked into the kernel at compile time
+(in make config/menuconfig/xconfig). In Linux 2.4 the resources are
+now specified at the boot-time kernel commandline (e.g. the lilo
+'append=' line or everything that's after the kernel name in grub).
+Read the Configure.help entry for your card for the parameters.
+=== softoss is gone
+In Linux 2.4 the softoss in-kernel software synthesizer is no more aviable.
+Use a user space software synthesizer like timidity instead.
+=== /dev/sndstat and /proc/sound are gone
+In older Linux versions those files exported some information about the
+OSS/Free configuration to userspace. In Linux 2.3 they were removed because
+they did not support the growing number of pci soundcards and there were
+some general problems with this interface.