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+Brutus is an evaluation platform for the SA1100 manufactured by Intel.
+For more details, see:
+To compile for Brutus, you must issue the following commands:
+ make brutus_config
+ make config
+ [accept all the defaults]
+ make zImage
+The resulting kernel will end up in linux/arch/arm/boot/zImage. This file
+must be loaded at 0xc0008000 in Brutus's memory and execution started at
+0xc0008000 as well with the value of registers r0 = 0 and r1 = 16 upon
+But prior to execute the kernel, a ramdisk image must also be loaded in
+memory. Use memory address 0xd8000000 for this. Note that the file
+containing the (compressed) ramdisk image must not exceed 4 MB.
+Typically, you'll need angelboot to load the kernel.
+The following angelboot.opt file should be used:
+----- begin angelboot.opt -----
+base 0xc0008000
+entry 0xc0008000
+r0 0x00000000
+r1 0x00000010
+device /dev/ttyS0
+options "9600 8N1"
+baud 115200
+otherfile ramdisk_img.gz
+otherbase 0xd8000000
+----- end angelboot.opt -----
+Then load the kernel and ramdisk with:
+ angelboot -f angelboot.opt zImage
+The first Brutus serial port (assumed to be linked to /dev/ttyS0 on your
+host PC) is used by angel to load the kernel and ramdisk image. The serial
+console is provided through the second Brutus serial port. To access it,
+you may use minicom configured with /dev/ttyS1, 9600 baud, 8N1, no flow
+Currently supported:
+ - RS232 serial ports
+ - audio output
+ - LCD screen
+ - keyboard
+The actual Brutus support may not be complete without extra patches.
+If such patches exist, they should be found from
+A full PCMCIA support is still missing, although it's possible to hack
+some drivers in order to drive already inserted cards at boot time with
+little modifications.
+Any contribution is welcome.
+Please send patches to nico@cam.org
+Have Fun !