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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-06-21Version 0.5.0powerdebug-0.5.0Daniel Lezcano
2011-06-15Remove the useless defineDaniel Lezcano
2011-06-15cleanup the headersDaniel Lezcano
2011-06-15Encapsulate the display (2)Daniel Lezcano
2011-06-15Encapsulate the display (1)Daniel Lezcano
2011-06-15Rewrite the sensor code with the treeDaniel Lezcano
2011-06-15Rewrite the regulator code based on the treeDaniel Lezcano
2011-06-15make all pm block own their display dataDaniel Lezcano
2011-06-08remove unused 'hrow' and 'selected' parametersDaniel Lezcano
2011-06-08rewrite the powerdebug clock codeDaniel Lezcano
2011-06-08remove unused 'verbose' optionDaniel Lezcano
2011-06-08remove unused code and parameter for clock dump functionDaniel Lezcano
2011-06-08remove unused parameter 'options->dump'Daniel Lezcano
2011-06-08provide a clock allocatorDaniel Lezcano
2011-06-08reorganize code to prevent forward declarationDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04simplify clock_init functionDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04mindless - change function name for consistencyDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04Unify the init function name for displayDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04change debugfs finder functionDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04Further reduce dump variable usageDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04make numregulators static in powerdebug.cDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04Pass numregulators paramter to show_regulator_infoDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04make regulators_info static in powerdebug.cDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04pass regulators_info parameter to show_regulator_infoDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04change regulator functions nameDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04change regulator init functionDaniel Lezcano
2011-03-24make 'selectedwindow' variable staticDaniel Lezcano
2011-03-24make 'dump' variable staticDaniel Lezcano
2011-03-24reduce scope and make win_names staticDaniel Lezcano
2011-03-24Remove pointless declarationsDaniel Lezcano
2011-03-24save some bytes by using the 'bool' typeDaniel Lezcano
2011-03-24check the return value of init_regulator_ds and fix prototypeDaniel Lezcano
2011-01-24Version 0.4.1powerdebug-0.4.1Amit Kucheria
2011-01-17Version 0.4powerdebug-0.4Amit Kucheria
2011-01-17copyright: remove IBM copyrightAmit Kucheria
2011-01-12Version 0.3Amit Kucheria
2011-01-12Make the clock tab the first tabAmit Kucheria
2010-12-02By default show all data in dump modeAmit Arora
2010-12-02Re-read clock tree on "refresh"Amit Arora
2010-12-02Move around code to more logical destinationAmit Arora
2010-12-01Show parents for a given clock in ncurses mode tooAmit Arora
2010-11-30Show parents, when given a clock name in dump modeAmit Arora
2010-11-16If unable to read clock tree, inform userAmit Arora
2010-11-09expand/collapse clocksAmit Arora
2010-11-09Use in-memory ds to display clocks in ncurses modeAmit Arora
2010-10-28Fix coding styleAmit Arora
2010-10-27Discover debugfs mntpoint and split header filesAmit Arora
2010-10-25Read/Dump clock tree in/from memoryAmit Arora
2010-10-07Add Tabs for various featuresAmit Arora
2010-10-05Display all clocks in non-verbose mode tooAmit Arora