path: root/clocks.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-06-08move clock_info structure definitionDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04Remove pointless function definitionsDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04simplify clock_init functionDaniel Lezcano
2011-04-04change debugfs finder functionDaniel Lezcano
2011-03-24make 'dump' variable staticDaniel Lezcano
2011-03-24save some bytes by using the 'bool' typeDaniel Lezcano
2011-01-17copyright: remove IBM copyrightAmit Kucheria
2010-11-30Show parents, when given a clock name in dump modeAmit Arora
2010-11-16Bug: fix sigsegv for -cd optionsAmit Arora
2010-11-16If unable to read clock tree, inform userAmit Arora
2010-11-16Scroll when user selects clock beyond maxyAmit Arora
2010-11-09expand/collapse clocksAmit Arora
2010-11-09Use in-memory ds to display clocks in ncurses modeAmit Arora
2010-10-28Fix coding styleAmit Arora
2010-10-27Discover debugfs mntpoint and split header filesAmit Arora