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2011-10-21Fix month release datedebianDaniel Lezcano
Signed-off-by: Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@linaro.org>
2011-10-20Version 0.6.1Daniel Lezcano
- fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-powerdebug/+bug/857382 Signed-off-by: Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@linaro.org>
2011-09-20Version 0.6.0Daniel Lezcano
* added gpio support * added android port Signed-off-by: Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@linaro.org>
2011-08-19change version in the changelogDaniel Lezcano
Signed-off-by: Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@linaro.org>
2011-08-17Version 0.5.2Daniel Lezcano
- fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-powerdebug/+bug/827825 Signed-off-by: Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@linaro.org>
2011-07-25Version 0.5.1Daniel Lezcano
- fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-powerdebug/+bug/802387 Signed-off-by: Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@linaro.org>
2011-06-24changed version to conform ↵Daniel Lezcano
https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/PowerManagement/PowerMonthlyCycle Signed-off-by: Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@linaro.org>
2011-06-22Change maintainerDaniel Lezcano
Signed-off-by: Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@linaro.org>
2011-06-21 Version 0.5.0Daniel Lezcano
- added tree algorithm - a lot of code cleanup - rewrote the clock code - rewrote the display code - rewrote the regulator code - rewrote the sensor code - rewrote the search code for a clock - added sensor to display - added a mainloop - made the different pm block code consistent to each other - removed most of global variables - fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-powerdebug/+bug/794725 - fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-powerdebug/+bug/794726 - fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-powerdebug/+bug/794728 - fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-powerdebug/+bug/794731 Signed-off-by: Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@linaro.org>
2011-01-24Fix upload package versionAmit Kucheria
This debian packaging thing is hard...
2011-01-24Bump package versionAmit Kucheria
- make copyright machine-readable - fix control file
2011-01-17Upload to nattyAmit Kucheria
2011-01-17Bump package versionAmit Kucheria
- copyright fixes
2011-01-17Merge branch 'master' into debianAmit Kucheria
2011-01-17Version 0.4powerdebug-0.4Amit Kucheria
- fix copyright in source files
2011-01-17copyright: add EPL 1.0 text to copyright fileAmit Kucheria
According to Debian policy the license should be contained in the copyright file instead of just a link
2011-01-17copyright: remove IBM copyrightAmit Kucheria
According to https://wiki.linaro.org/Copyright, all work done by assignees is copyrighted to Linaro.
2011-01-14Change Maintainer to Linaro-devAmit Kucheria
Point to linaro-dev mailing list instead of ubuntu-devel-discuss
2011-01-14use 3.0 (quilt) format; 3.0 (native) is only for native packagesSteve Langasek
2011-01-14document git branch in debian/controlSteve Langasek
2011-01-14drop empty debian/docs fileSteve Langasek
2011-01-14clean up the description grammarSteve Langasek
2011-01-13Fix package versionAmit Kucheria
Upstream version (0.3) is different from packaging version (0.3-0ubuntu1)
2011-01-13changelog: added my workMarcin Juszkiewicz
2011-01-13drop cdbs dependencyMarcin Juszkiewicz
2011-01-13switched packaging to '3.0 (native)'Marcin Juszkiewicz
2011-01-13rules: switch to debhelper 7Marcin Juszkiewicz
2011-01-13change maintainerMarcin Juszkiewicz
2011-01-13Update changelog for v0.3Amit Kucheria
2011-01-12Add debian packagingAmit Kucheria
A little futzing around with version numbers to kinda match the version numbers in powerdebug.h and the commits on the master branch
2011-01-12Version 0.3Amit Kucheria
- whitespace cleanups - get rid of colors - make header display more compact - cleanup makefile for debian packaging
2011-01-12Makefile cleanup for debian packagingMarcin Juszkiewicz
- Use install rather than mkdir, cp, etc. - Install to /usr/sbin
2011-01-12Stick to Black and whiteAmit Kucheria
We'll run over serial consoles, lets stick to the basics for now.
2011-01-12Mass whitespace fixupsAmit Kucheria
Get rid of blank lines, add spaces around operators, etc.
2011-01-12Make the clock tab the first tabAmit Kucheria
Change the order of the tabs - Clock, regulator, sensors
2011-01-12Print a compact headerAmit Kucheria
Print the menu items in the header closer together
2010-12-05Move numregulators to regulator.hAmit Arora
2010-12-02By default show all data in dump modeAmit Arora
2010-12-02Re-read clock tree on "refresh"Amit Arora
2010-12-02Move around code to more logical destinationAmit Arora
2010-12-02Show all relevant keys for the windowAmit Arora
2010-12-01Fix argument passing for long optionsAmit Arora
2010-12-01Show parents for a given clock in ncurses mode tooAmit Arora
2010-11-30Show parents, when given a clock name in dump modeAmit Arora
2010-11-30Fix scrolling for first clock beyond screenAmit Arora
2010-11-16This branch will have only source and no debian packaging filesAmit Arora
2010-11-16Update debian packaging related filesAmit Arora
2010-11-16Bug: fix sigsegv for -cd optionsAmit Arora
2010-11-16comment out debug/test codeAmit Arora
2010-11-16If unable to read clock tree, inform userAmit Arora