AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-09-14Version 0.1Amit Arora
2010-08-24Use ncurses to displayAmit Arora
2010-08-05Put newline char only when neededAmit Arora
2010-08-05Some cleanupsAmit Arora
2010-08-05If sensor information not present, tell user so (in verbose mode)Amit Arora
2010-08-05Add version string and long optionsAmit Arora
2010-08-05Add min,max for microamps,microvoltsAmit Arora
2010-08-03Fix regulator namesAmit Arora
2010-08-03Continue iterating over files, even if some fopen fails.Amit Arora
2010-08-03New powerdebug toolAmit Arora