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authorAmit Arora <amit.arora@linaro.org>2010-11-09 11:12:41 +0530
committerAmit Arora <amit.arora@linaro.org>2010-11-09 11:12:41 +0530
commit031263aff48b6a987015a34652bebe1764ca1f83 (patch)
tree934b2d84fa62e9062b6584d0af4312d53d1994ca /powerdebug.h
parent97006e5f47996d630f88b890bc7cec42f169c634 (diff)
Use in-memory ds to display clocks in ncurses mode
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/powerdebug.h b/powerdebug.h
index f4d05c4..8ab8e64 100644
--- a/powerdebug.h
+++ b/powerdebug.h
@@ -62,14 +62,12 @@ extern struct clock_info *read_clock_info_recur(char *clkpath, int level,
extern void print_clock_info(struct clock_info *clk, int level, int bmp);
extern void insert_children(struct clock_info **parent, struct clock_info *clk);
extern int read_and_print_clock_info(int verbose, int hrow, int selected);
-extern int read_and_print_clock_one_level(int verbose, int hrow, int selected);
extern void get_sensor_info(char *path, char *name, char *sensor, int verbose);
extern void print_string_val(char *name, char *val);
extern void init_clock_details(void);
extern void print_clock_header(int level);
extern void print_sensor_header(void);
-extern void print_clock_info_line(int line, char *clockname, int flags,
- int rate, int usecount, int highlight);
+extern void print_one_clock(int line, char *str, int bold);
extern char *debugfs_locate_mpoint(void);
extern void init_curses(void);