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2013-11-148028161: nashorn: src/jdk/nashorn/api/scripting/ScriptEngineTest.javasundar
2013-11-078027828: ClassCastException when converting return value of a Java method to ...sundar
2013-11-048027753: Support ScriptObject to JSObject, ScriptObjectMirror, Map, Bindings ...sundar
2013-11-018027236: Ensure ScriptObject and ConsString aren't visible to Javaattila
2013-10-238027128: jdk.nashorn.api.scripting.JSObject should be an interfacesundar
2013-10-178026161: Don't narrow floating-point literals in the lexerattila
2013-10-158026397: Fix ambiguity with array conversion, including passing JS NativeArra...attila
2013-10-148026113: Nashorn arrays should automatically convert to Java arraysattila
2013-09-308025629: load function should support a way to load scripts from classpathsundar
2013-09-188024973: Using a different ScriptContext with a CompiledScript results in Scr...sundar
2013-09-138024619: JDBC java.sql.DriverManager is not usable from JS scriptsundar
2013-09-118024644: PluggableJSObject.iteratingJSObjectTest fails with jdk8-tl buildsundar
2013-09-118024615: Refactor ScriptObjectMirror and JSObject to support external JSObjec...sundar
2013-09-098024180: Incorrect handling of expression and parent scope in 'with' statementssundar
2013-08-278022773: ScriptEngineTest.printManyTest failssundar
2013-08-238023631: engine.js init script should be loaded into every global instance cr...sundar
2013-08-228023560: Arbitrary javax.script.Bindings objects as ENGINE_SCOPE objects are ...sundar
2013-08-228023551: Mirror functions can not be invoked using invokeMethod, invokeFunctionsundar
2013-08-128022615: [nightly] Two nashorn print tests fail in nightly builds on Windowssundar
2013-08-088022524: Memory leaks in nashorn sources and tests found by jhat analysissundar
2013-07-298012792: print function defined in engine.js does not handle multiple argumentssundar
2013-07-268021571: @fork tests should use VM options passed from project.propertiessundar
2013-07-268020719: Run tests with reduced splitter thresholdhannesw
2013-07-258021361: ClassCastException:.ScriptObjectMirror -> ScriptObject when getInter...sundar
2013-07-258021252: invokeMethod throws NoSuchMethodException when script object is from...sundar
2013-07-248021262: Make nashorn access checks consistent with underlying dynalinksundar
2013-07-238021129: Use public lookup againattila
2013-07-188020820: Limit access to static members of reflective classesattila
2013-07-158020324: Implement Object.bindProperties(target, source) for beansattila
2013-07-128020463: Input argument array wrapping in loadWithNewGlobal is wrongsundar
2013-07-118020325: static property does not work on accessible, public classessundar
2013-07-108020276: interface checks in Invocable.getInterface implementationsundar
2013-07-108020224: LinkageError: attempted duplicate class definition when --loader-per...sundar
2013-07-038017768: allow dot as inner class name separator for Java.typeattila
2013-06-188012698: [nashorn] tests fail to run with agentvm or samevmsundar
2013-05-168012359: Increase code coverage in Jonihannesw
2013-05-168009141: Avoid netscape.javascript.JSObject in nashorn codesundar
2013-05-088014225: Rerun only failed 262 testsattila
2013-04-268013295: ScriptEngineTest.java fails with compilation error when running unde...sundar
2013-04-258013167: Vararg constructor not foundattila
2013-04-248012334: ToUint32, ToInt32, and ToUint16 don't conform to spechannesw
2013-04-238011065: Problems when script implements an interface with variadic methodsattila
2013-04-038011362: Overloaded method resolution foiled by nullsattila
2013-03-238010652: Eliminate non-child references in Block/FunctionNode, and make few n...attila
2013-03-188010199: javax.script.Invocable implementation for nashorn does not return nu...sundar
2013-03-128009757: Package access clean up and refactoringsundar
2013-02-258008789: Enable java access and nashorn runtime tests for jtregsundar
2013-02-258008731: Separate configuration environment (options, error/output writer etc...sundar
2013-02-228008729: Make sure that we can run basic jsr223 tests using jtregsundar
2013-02-158008291: Add more tests for better coverage of objects, scripting and parser ...sundar