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2014-05-278044000: Access to undefined property yields "null" instead of "undefined"sundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey
2014-05-268043930: TypeError when attemping to create an instance of non-public class ↵sundar
could be better Reviewed-by: attila, lagergren
2014-05-228030202: Nashorn: Multiple RegExp#ignoreCase issueshannesw
Reviewed-by: sundar, jlaskey
2014-05-078041697: CompiledScript slower when eval with bindingsundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, attila, hannesw
2014-05-068042364: Make __proto__ ES6 draft compliantsundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren, attila
2014-05-068041998: RegExp implementation is not thread-safehannesw
Reviewed-by: lagergren, sundar, attila
2014-04-258040078: Avoid repeated reading of source for cached loadshannesw
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren
2014-05-028027933: Add --const-as-var optionsundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, hannesw
2014-04-288041953: JDK-8031359.js fails in 8u-devhannesw
Reviewed-by: attila, lagergren
2014-04-148030200: Wrong result for Number.prototype.toString() for certain radix/inputshannesw
Reviewed-by: sundar, jlaskey, lagergren
2014-04-148030199: Nashorn: Uint8ClampedArray - Incorrect ToUint8Clamp implementationhannesw
Reviewed-by: sundar, jlaskey, lagergren
2014-04-028039047: Parser accepts conditional catch clauses even when ↵sundar
--no-syntax-extensions / -nse option is passed Reviewed-by: lagergren, attila
2014-03-278038456: improve nasgen type checks and use specific return type for ↵sundar
@Function, @SpecializedFunctio methods Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey
2014-03-218037562: Nashorn: JSON.parse comes up with nonexistent entries if there are ↵sundar
gaps between the keys Reviewed-by: jlaskey, hannesw
2014-04-078039387: Nashorn supports indexed access of List elements, but length ↵sundar
property is not supported Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey
2014-04-038039181: Persistent code store does not use absolute paths internallyhannesw
Reviewed-by: sundar, lagergren
2014-04-028038638: Persistent store for compiled scriptshannesw
Reviewed-by: lagergren, sundar
2014-03-178037400: Remove getInitialMap getters and GlobalObject interfacesundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey, attila
2014-03-138015958: DataView constructor is not definedsundar
Reviewed-by: attila, hannesw, lagergren
2014-03-128021350: Share script classes between threads/globals within contexthannesw
Reviewed-by: lagergren, sundar
2014-02-218034962: Dynalink to handle superclasses more carefullysundar
Reviewed-by: ahgross, attila, jlaskey
2014-02-218033745: Reflect upon Nashorn reflectionsundar
Reviewed-by: ahgross, attila, jlaskey
2014-02-208034968: Reduce access to Nashorn internalsattila
Reviewed-by: ahgross, jlaskey, sundar
2014-03-038035948: Redesign property listeners for shared classeshannesw
Reviewed-by: sundar, lagergren
2014-02-258030197: Nashorn: Object.defineProperty() can be lured to change fixed NaN ↵sundar
property Reviewed-by: attila, jlaskey
2014-02-078033924: Default permissions are not given for eval codesundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey
2014-02-148011964: need indexed access to externally-managed ByteBuffersundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, hannesw
2014-01-308032681: Issues with Nashornattila
Reviewed-by: ahgross, jlaskey, sundar
2014-01-308032949: Nashorn linkages awrysundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, attila, ahgross
2014-01-308032954: Nashorn: extend Java.extendsundar
Reviewed-by: attila, jlaskey, ahgross
2014-01-308032944: Improve reflection in Nashornsundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, attila, ahgross
2014-01-208032068: implement @sourceURL and #sourceURL directivessundar
Reviewed-by: hannesw, lagergren
2014-01-178032060: PropertyMap of Error objects is not stablesundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, hannesw
2014-01-168032004: instance property "message" of Error objects should be non-enumerablesundar
Reviewed-by: hannesw, jlaskey
2014-01-168031983: Error objects should capture stack at the constructorsundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, hannesw
2014-01-158031715: Indexed access to java package not workingsundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, hannesw
2014-01-138029332: Do not require nasgen-generated functions to return Objectsundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey, hannesw
2014-01-098031359: Invocable.getInterface() works incorrectly if interface has default ↵sundar
methods Reviewed-by: attila, hannesw
2014-01-088031317: SyntaxError when property setter has no parametersundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, hannesw
2014-01-078029667: Prototype linking is incorrecthannesw
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, sundar
2014-01-078029003: setField in ScriptObject is incorrect for non extensible objectssundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey
2014-01-038031106: Nashorn: IndexOutOfBoundsException in ↵sundar
NashornCallSiteDescriptor.getNameToken() Reviewed-by: hannesw, jlaskey
2013-12-198030809: Anonymous functions should not be shown with internal names in ↵sundar
script stack trace Reviewed-by: lagergren, hannesw, jlaskey
2013-12-168030182: scopeCall with -1 as line numbersundar
Reviewed-by: hannesw, jlaskey
2013-12-098029467: Widening of booleans causes bad resultsattila
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren
2013-12-098029612: the typeErrorThrower field in ScriptFunctionImpl cannot be static ↵sundar
and common to all Globals Reviewed-by: attila, hannesw
2013-12-028029364: NashornException to expose thrown objectsundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey
2014-03-198029031: "ant clean jar" on nashorn repo results in number of ASM deprecated ↵sundar
warnings Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey, hannesw