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2014-01-168032004: instance property "message" of Error objects should be non-enumerablesundar
Reviewed-by: hannesw, jlaskey
2014-01-168031983: Error objects should capture stack at the constructorsundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, hannesw
2014-01-158031715: Indexed access to java package not workingsundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, hannesw
2014-01-138029332: Do not require nasgen-generated functions to return Objectsundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey, hannesw
2014-01-098031359: Invocable.getInterface() works incorrectly if interface has default ↵sundar
methods Reviewed-by: attila, hannesw
2014-01-088031317: SyntaxError when property setter has no parametersundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, hannesw
2014-01-078029667: Prototype linking is incorrecthannesw
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, sundar
2014-01-078029003: setField in ScriptObject is incorrect for non extensible objectssundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey
2014-01-038031106: Nashorn: IndexOutOfBoundsException in ↵sundar
NashornCallSiteDescriptor.getNameToken() Reviewed-by: hannesw, jlaskey
2013-12-198030809: Anonymous functions should not be shown with internal names in ↵sundar
script stack trace Reviewed-by: lagergren, hannesw, jlaskey
2013-12-168030182: scopeCall with -1 as line numbersundar
Reviewed-by: hannesw, jlaskey
2013-12-028029364: NashornException to expose thrown objectsundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey
2014-03-198029031: "ant clean jar" on nashorn repo results in number of ASM deprecated ↵sundar
warnings Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey, hannesw
2014-01-308032681: Issues with Nashornattila
Reviewed-by: ahgross, jlaskey, sundar
2014-01-308032949: Nashorn linkages awrysundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, attila, ahgross
2014-01-308032954: Nashorn: extend Java.extendsundar
Reviewed-by: attila, jlaskey, ahgross
2014-01-308032944: Improve reflection in Nashornsundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, attila, ahgross
2013-12-098029467: Widening of booleans causes bad resultsattila
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren
2013-12-098029612: the typeErrorThrower field in ScriptFunctionImpl cannot be static ↵sundar
and common to all Globals Reviewed-by: attila, hannesw
2013-11-268029173: Debugger support doesn't handle ConsStringjlaskey
Reviewed-by: lagergren, hannesw, sundar Contributed-by: james.laskey@oracle.com
2013-11-188028434: Line number nodes were off for while nodes and do while nodes - the ↵lagergren
line number of a loop node should be treated as the location of the test expression Reviewed-by: jlaskey, sundar
2013-11-168028210: Missing conversions on array index expressionhannesw
Reviewed-by: attila, jlaskey, lagergren
2013-11-118028020: Function parameter as last expression in comma in return value ↵attila
causes bad type calculation Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren, sundar
2013-11-078027828: ClassCastException when converting return value of a Java method to ↵sundar
boolean Reviewed-by: jlaskey, attila
2013-11-048027753: Support ScriptObject to JSObject, ScriptObjectMirror, Map, Bindings ↵sundar
auto-conversion as well as explicit wrap, unwrap Reviewed-by: jlaskey, hannesw, attila
2013-11-018027236: Ensure ScriptObject and ConsString aren't visible to Javaattila
Reviewed-by: lagergren, sundar
2013-11-018027700: function redeclaration checks missing for declaration binding ↵sundar
instantiation Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren
2013-10-308027562: eval should load second and subsequent arguments for side effectsundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren
2013-10-308027532: nashorn should only use jdk8 apis in the compact1 profilejlaskey
Reviewed-by: sundar, lagergren, hannesw Contributed-by: james.laskey@oracle.com
2013-10-298027447: The wrong string buffer is specified for stderr in $EXECjlaskey
Reviewed-by: lagergren, sundar Contributed-by: james.laskey@oracle.com
2013-10-258027301: Optimizations for Function.prototype.applyhannesw
Reviewed-by: jlaskey
2013-10-258027042: Evaluation order for binary operators can be improvedhannesw
Reviewed-by: lagergren, jlaskey, attila
2013-10-238027150: ScriptObjectListAdapter won't work as expectedsundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, attila
2013-10-238027128: jdk.nashorn.api.scripting.JSObject should be an interfacesundar
Reviewed-by: hannesw, attila, jlaskey
2013-10-228027020: [regression] java.lang.VerifyError: Bad type on operand stacksundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, attila
2013-10-228027037: Make ScriptObjectMirror conversions work for any JSObjectattila
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren, sundar
2013-10-228027031: complete merging of loads and convertsattila
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren
2013-10-228027024: String.prototype.charAt and charCodeAt do not evaluate 'self' and ↵sundar
'pos' arguments in right order Reviewed-by: jlaskey, attila, lagergren
2013-10-228026955: for-in should convert primitive values to objecthannesw
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren
2013-10-228027016: Array.prototype.indexOf should return -1 when array is of length zerosundar
Reviewed-by: lagergren, attila
2013-10-188026858: Array length does not handle defined properties correctlyhannesw
Reviewed-by: jlaskey
2013-10-188026805: Array.prototype.length doesn't work as expectedhannesw
Reviewed-by: sundar, lagergren
2013-10-178026701: Array.prototype.splice is slow on dense arrayshannesw
Reviewed-by: lagergren, sundar, jlaskey
2013-10-178026161: Don't narrow floating-point literals in the lexerattila
Reviewed-by: hannesw, jlaskey
2013-10-168026693: getType() called on DISCARD nodehannesw
Reviewed-by: sundar, lagergren
2013-10-168026692: eval() throws NullPointerException with --compile-onlyhannesw
Reviewed-by: sundar, lagergren
2013-10-158026367: Add a sync keyword to mozilla_compathannesw
Reviewed-by: sundar, attila, lagergren
2013-10-158026397: Fix ambiguity with array conversion, including passing JS ↵attila
NativeArrays in Java variable arity methods' vararg array position Reviewed-by: jlaskey, sundar
2013-10-148026113: Nashorn arrays should automatically convert to Java arraysattila
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, sundar
2013-10-148026016: too many relinks dominate avatar.js http benchmarkhannesw
Reviewed-by: sundar, jlaskey, attila