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2014-04-078039387: Nashorn supports indexed access of List elements, but length propert...sundar
2014-02-218034962: Dynalink to handle superclasses more carefullysundar
2014-01-308032681: Issues with Nashornattila
2013-10-158026397: Fix ambiguity with array conversion, including passing JS NativeArra...attila
2013-08-238023550: -d option was broken for any dir but '.'. Fixed Java warnings.lagergren
2013-08-128022789: Revisit doPrivileged blocks in Dynalinkattila
2013-08-078022509: Various Dynalink security enhancementsattila
2013-07-248021189: Prevent access to constructors of restricted classesattila
2013-07-238021129: Use public lookup againattila
2013-07-158011210: fix reporting of call site locations; print them on -tcs=missattila
2013-07-158020324: Implement Object.bindProperties(target, source) for beansattila
2013-07-038010946: AccessControl.doPrivileged is broken when called from js scriptattila
2013-04-268013325: function named 'arguments' should set DEFINES_ARGUMENTS flag in its ...attila
2013-04-258013167: Vararg constructor not foundattila
2013-04-038011362: Overloaded method resolution foiled by nullsattila
2013-03-098009559: clean up method handle lookup code.jdk8-b82sundar
2013-02-278009143: Eliminate Dynalink dependency on java.beansattila
2013-02-218008648: Lazy JIT scope and callee semantics bugfixes. Broke out wallclock ti...lagergren
2013-02-188008387: Improve code coverage tests for JSObjectLinker and NashornBottomLinkersundar
2013-02-188008371: Fix Dynalink compiler warnings and whitespaceattila
2013-02-148008085: Integrate Dynalink source code into Nashorn codebaseattila