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2014-11-038060204: Fix warnings in Joni and testslagergren
Reviewed-by: hannesw, sundar, attila
2014-10-238059813: Type Info Cache flag must must be documentedhannesw
Reviewed-by: attila, jlaskey
2014-08-208027043: Turn global accesses into MethodHandle.constant, with one chance of ↵attila
reassignment, e.g. x = value occuring once in the global scope is ok, twice is not. 8027958: NASHORN TEST: Create tests to test markdown javascript engine work with Nashorn 8028345: Remove nashorn repo "bin" scripts to avoid confusion with JDK bin launcher programs 8029090: Developers should be able to pass nashorn properties and enable/disable JFR from command line 8030169: Need regression test for bug JDK-8010731 8033105: Make sure Nashorn test harness can run zlib benchmark 8033334: Make sure that scope depth information is maintained in the RecompilableScriptFunctionDatas, to avoid unnecessary slow proto linkage when doing on demand compilation 8034206: Make parts of code pipeline reusable in order to facilitate faster warmup and faster lazy compilation. 8035820: Optimistic recompilation 8035836: Array performance improvements 8036127: Prototype filter needs to be applied to getter guard as well, not just getter 8036986: Test should check that correctly type is returned running with optimistic. If optimistic assumption was wrong we should get the right one. 8037086: Check that deoptimizing recompilations are correct 8037177: -Dnashorn.optimistic should be enabled by default, meaning that it has to be explicitly set to false to run with the jdk 8 style conservative types 8037534: Use scope types to determine optimistic types 8037572: Add more test cases to check static types 8037967: Broke the build, by commiting without saving the last review comment 8038223: Symbol trace debug output takes time 8038396: fix for the compiler expression evaluator to be more inquisitive about types 8038398: OptimisticRecompilationTest fails on staging repo nashorn/jdk9/nashorn due to test framework 8038406: Testability: as a first step of moving loggers away from the process global space, the Debug object now supports logging POJOs from log entries as an event queue, which can be introspected from test scripts. This is way better than screen scraping brittle and subject-to-change log output. 8038413: NPE in unboxInteger 8038416: Access to undefined scoped variables deoptimized too much 8038426: Move all loggers from process wide scope into Global scope 8038799: Guard and unbox boxed primitives types on setting them in Properties to avoid megamorphisism 8038945: Simplify strict undefined checks 8039044: Expand undefined intrinsics for all commutative combinators of scrict undefined checks 8039746: Transform applies to calls wherever possible, for ScriptFunctions and JSObjects. 8040024: BranchOptimizer produces bad code for NaN FP comparison 8040089: Apply to call transform was incomplete. Now passes all tests and performance is back 8040093: Make sure that optimistic splitting works in optimistic types 8040102: Remove all references to Unsafe and definition of anonymous clases from the code 8040655: When processing a RewriteException debug object, the return value has already been reset to null. We need to catch this value before that. 8041434: Add synchronization to the common global constants structure 8041625: AccessorProperty currentType must only by Object.class when non-primitive, and scoping followup problem for lazily generated with bodies 8041905: Fix apply2call bug that prevented avatar.js unit tests from running correctly 8041995: Problems when loading tree expressions with several optimistic program points when optimistically initializing ObjectNodes 8042118: Separate types from symbols 8043002: Improve performance of Nashorn equality operators 8043003: Use strongly referenced generic invokers 8043004: Reduce variability at JavaAdapter call sites 8043132: Nashorn : all tests failed with java.security.AccessControlException 8043133: Fix corner cases of JDK-8041995 8043137: Collapse long sequences of NOP in Nashorn bytecode output 8043232: Index selection of overloaded java new constructors 8043235: Type-based optimizations interfere with continuation methods 8043431: Fix yet another corner case of JDK-8041995 8043504: Octane test harness was missing argument to print_always at one callsite, causing erroneous logging 8043605: Enable history for empty property maps 8043608: Make equality tests inline better 8043611: Move timing dependent benchmark for apply2call specialization to currently_failing. It is dependent that nothing takes machine time when doing the two runs, causing spurious assertions. Suggest running octane.raytrace manually instead to verify that this works, or incorporating it in the nightly test suite 8043632: Parallelize class installation and various script fixes. 8043633: In order to remove global state outside of contexts, make sure Timing class is an instance and not a static global collection of data. Move into Context. Move -Dnashorn.timing to an official logging option. 8043956: Make code caching work with optimistic typing and lazy compilation 8044012: Integrate the latest best known performance flags int ant octane jobs, and make sure that it's easy to compare 'ant octane-nashorn' and 'ant octane-v8' at the push of a button. (or rather; the entry of a command line) 8044102: Ensure bechmark exclude list for Octane benchmarks is in only one place, project.properties, and fix benchmark harness 8044154: Nashorn : all tests failed with java.security.AccessControlException 8044171: Make optimistic exception handlers smaller 8044502: Get rid of global optimistic flag 8044518: Ensure exceptions related to optimistic recompilation are not serializable 8044533: Deoptimizing negation produces wrong result for zero 8044534: Constant folding for unary + should produce int for boolean literals 8044760: Avoid PropertyMap duplicate for global instances 8044786: Some tests fail with non-optimistic compilation 8044803: Unnecessary restOf check 8044816: On-demand compiled top-level program doesn't need :createProgramFunction 8044851: nashorn properties leak memory 8046013: TypeError: Cannot apply "with" to non script object 8046014: MultiGlobalCompiledScript should cache :createProgramFunction handle 8046025: AccessorProperty.getGetter is not threadsafe 8046026: CompiledFunction.relinkComposableInvoker assert is being hit 8046201: Avoid repeated flattening of nested ConsStrings 8046215: Running uncompilable scripts throws NullPointerException 8046898: Make sure that lazy compilation is the default, remove redundant "enable lazy compilation" flags, added warning message if compile logging is enabled and lazy is switched off. Verified existing test suite code coverage equivalence between lazy and eager. 8046905: apply on apply is broken 8046921: Deoptimization type information peristence 8047035: (function() "hello")() crashes in Lexer with jdk9 8047057: Add a regression test for the passing test cases from JDK-8042304 8047067: all eval arguments need to be copied in Lower 8047078: Fuzzing bug discovered when ArrayLiteralNodes weren't immutable 8047166: 'do with({}) break ; while(0);' crashes in CodeGenerator 8047331: Assertion in CompiledFunction when running earley-boyer after Merge 8047357: More precise synthetic return + unreachable throw 8047359: large string size RangeError should be thrown rather than reporting negative length 8047369: Add regression tests for passing test cases of JDK-8024971 8047371: local variable declaration in TypeEvaluator should use ScriptObject.addOwnProperty instead of .set 8047728: (function(x){var o={x:0}; with(o){delete x} return o.x})() evaluates to 0 instead of undefined 8047959: bindings created for declarations in eval code are not mutable 8048009: Type info caching accidentally defeated 8048071: eval within 'with' statement does not use correct scope if with scope expression has a copy of eval 8048079: Persistent code store is broken after optimistic types merge 8048505: ScriptingFunctions.readFully couldn't handle file names represented as ConsStrings 8048586: String concatenation with optimistic types is slow 8048718: JSON.parse('{"0":0, "64":0}') throws ArrayindexOutOfBoundsException 8048869: Reduce compile time by about 5% by removing the Class.casts from the AST nodes 8049086: Minor API convenience functions on "Java" object 8049222: JSType class exposes public mutable arrays 8049223: RewriteException class exposes public mutable arrays 8049242: Explicit constructor overload selection should work with StaticClass as well 8049318: Test hideLocationProperties.js fails on Window due to backslash in path 8049524: Global object initialization via javax.script API should be minimal 8050432: javax.script.filename variable should not be enumerable with nashorn engine's ENGINE_SCOPE bindings 8050964: OptimisticTypesPersistence.java should use java.util.Date instead of java.sql.Date 8051019: Separate src and test execution sandbox directories 8051346: Test262 tests for ECMAScript 5 now in branch "es5-tests" 8051439: Wrong type calculated for ADD operator with undefined operand 8051839: GuardedInvocation needs to clone an argument 8053908: jdeps is not PATH on Mac, results in ant clean test failure on Mac 8053910: ScriptObjectMirror causing havoc with Invocation interface 8053913: Auto format caused warning in CompositeTypeBasedGuardingDynamicLinker 8054223: Nashorn: AssertionError when use __DIR__ and ScriptEngine.eval() 8054411: Add nashorn.args.prepend system property 8054503: test/script/external/test262/test/suite/ch12/12.6/12.6.4/12.6.4-2.js fails with tip 8054651: Global.initConstructor and ScriptFunction.getPrototype(Object) can have stricter types 8054898: Avoid creation of empty type info files 8054993: type info cache may be disabled for test262 and tests explicitly changing that property should use @fork 8055034: jjs exits interactive mode if exception was thrown when trying to print value of last evaluated expression 8055042: Compile-time expression evaluator was missing variables 8055107: Extension directives to turn on callsite profiling, tracing, AST print and other debug features locally 8055139: test/script/trusted/JDK-8055107.js fails with access control exception 8055186: Backport Nashorn optimistic typing to 8u repository 8055529: Clean up the bin directory Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren, sundar Contributed-by: marcus.largergren@oracle.com, hannes.wallnoefer@oracle.com, sundararajan.athijegannathan@oracle.com --HG-- rename : test/script/basic/arraysIntKey.js => test/script/basic/arrays_int_key.js rename : test/script/basic/arraysIntKey.js.EXPECTED => test/script/basic/arrays_int_key.js.EXPECTED rename : test/script/basic/runsunspider-lazy.js.EXPECTED => test/script/basic/runsunspider.js.EXPECTED rename : test/script/basic/JDK-8010697.js.EXPECTED => test/script/currently-failing/JDK-8010697.js.EXPECTED rename : test/script/maptests/property_delete.js => test/script/currently-failing/property_delete.js
2014-08-208044638: Tidy up Nashorn codebase for code standardsattila
8055199: Tidy up Nashorn codebase for code standards (August 2014) Reviewed-by: lagergren, sundar
2013-08-238023454: Updated DEVELOPER_README and command line flags, ensuring that ↵lagergren
undocumented flags that aren't guaranteed to work (disabled by default) and that are work in progress show up with an EXPERIMENTAL tag. Reviewed-by: attila, jlaskey
2013-07-038017768: allow dot as inner class name separator for Java.typeattila
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, sundar
2013-06-258015969: Needs to enforce and document that global "context" and "engine" ↵sundar
can't be modified when running via jsr223 Reviewed-by: hannesw, jlaskey
2013-05-208014797: rename Java.toJavaArray/toJavaScriptArray to Java.to/from, ↵attila
respectively. Reviewed-by: jlaskey, sundar
2013-05-158014646: Update the Java interop documentation in the Java Scripting ↵attila
Programmer's Guide Reviewed-by: jlaskey, hannesw, lagergren
2013-04-128012048: JDK8 b85 source with GPL header errorskatleman
Reviewed-by: iris, mduigou, jjg
2013-03-268010706: -Dnashorn.args system property to create command lines to wrapped ↵lagergren
nashorn.jar:s Reviewed-by: hannesw, sundar
2013-03-128009757: Package access clean up and refactoringsundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, lagergren, attila --HG-- rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/ConstructorWithArgument.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/ConstructorWithArgument.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/DessertTopping.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/DessertTopping.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/DessertToppingFloorWaxDriver.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/DessertToppingFloorWaxDriver.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/FinalClass.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/FinalClass.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/FloorWax.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/FloorWax.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/runtime/Nashorn401TestSubject.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/Nashorn401TestSubject.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/NoAccessibleConstructorClass.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/NoAccessibleConstructorClass.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/NonPublicClass.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/NonPublicClass.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/OuterClass.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/OuterClass.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/OverloadedSam.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/OverloadedSam.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/OverrideObject.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/OverrideObject.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/StringArgs.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/StringArgs.java rename : test/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/test/models/Toothpaste.java => test/src/jdk/nashorn/test/models/Toothpaste.java
2013-02-228006028: Integrate Joni regexp engine with Nashornhannesw
Reviewed-by: lagergren, attila
2013-02-128007956: Wrong or obsolete system properties in docs/DEVELOPER_READMEhannesw
Reviewed-by: attila, jlaskey
2013-02-058007452: add scripting programmers doc changes for nashornsundar
Reviewed-by: jlaskey, hannesw
2013-01-308007062: Split Lower up into Lower/Attr/FinalizeTypes. Integrate ↵lagergren
AccessSpecalizer into FinalizeTypes. Summary: Lower suffered from being a "God class" trying to do everything at once. As Nashorn code generation has grown, so has Lower. It does several post processing passes, tries to do several things at once even though all type information isn't in place, adjusting state afterwards and so on. It also performs control flow analysis, type attribution and constant folding, and everything else code generation related before byte code emission. I have now separated the compilation process into Lower (create low level nodes from high level ones, copy code such as finally block inlining etc), Attr (assign types and symbols to all nodes - freeze slot and scope information) and FinalizeTypes (insert explicit casts, specialize invoke dynamic types for scope accesses). I've removed the kludgy AccessSpecializer, as this now integrates naturally with typing. Everything is now much easier to read and each module performs only one thing. I have added separate loggers for the separate tiers. In the process I have also fixed: (1) problems with type coercion (see test/script/basic/typecoercion.js, basically our coercion was too late and our symbol inference was erroneous. This only manifested itself in very rare occasions where toNumber coercion has side effects, such as for example when valueOf is overridden) (2) copying literal nodes (literal copy did not use the superclass copy, which made all the Node specific fields not to be copied (3) erroneous literal tokenization (literals shouldn't always just inherit token information from whatever node that creates them) (4) splitter weighnodes - unary nodes were considered weightless (4) removed the hateful and kludgy "VarNode.shouldAppend", which really isn't needed when we have an attribution phase that determines self reference symbols (the only thing it was used for) (5) duplicate line number issues in the parser (6) convert bug in CodeGenerator for intermediate results of scope accesses (see test/script/basic/access-specializer.js) ... Several of these things just stopped being problems with the new architecture "can't happen anymore" and are not bug fixes per se. All tests run. No performance regressions exist that I've been able to measure. Some increases in performance were measured, but in the statistical margin of error (which is very wide as HotSpot currently has warmup issues with LambdaForms/invoke dynamic). Compile speed has not measurably increased. Reviewed-by: jlaskey, attila
2013-01-118005976: Break out AccessSpecializer into one pass before CodeGenerator ↵lagergren
instead of iterative applications from CodeGenerator Summary: Now scope and slot information is guaranteed to be fixed AND NOT CHANGE before CodeGeneration. We want to keep it that way to build future type specializations and bring all type work out of CodeGenerator. Reviewed-by: attila, hannesw
2013-01-078005789: Forgot to document -Dnashorn.unstable.relink.thresholdlagergren
Summary: Added documentation to DEVELOPER_README, fixed code convention warnings Reviewed-by: attila
2013-01-048005663: Update copyright year to 2013jlaskey
Reviewed-by: sundar Contributed-by: james.laskey@oracle.com
2012-12-218005403: Open-source Nashornjlaskey
Reviewed-by: attila, hannesw, lagergren, sundar Contributed-by: james.laskey@oracle.com, akhil.arora@oracle.com, andreas.woess@jku.at, attila.szegedi@oracle.com, hannes.wallnoefer@oracle.com, henry.jen@oracle.com, marcus.lagergren@oracle.com, pavel.semenov@oracle.com, pavel.stepanov@oracle.com, petr.hejl@oracle.com, petr.pisl@oracle.com, sundararajan.athijegannathan@oracle.com