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2013-05-30Added tag jdk8-b92 for changeset dee23cce5235katleman
2013-05-298015349: "abc".lastIndexOf("a",-1) should evaluate to 0 and not -1sundar
2013-05-298011023: Math round didn't conform to ECMAScript 5 speclagergren
2013-05-298005979: A lot of tests are named "runTest" in reportssundar
2013-05-288015459: Octane test run fails on Turkish localesundar
2013-05-278015447: Octane harness fixes for rhino and entire test runs: ant octane, ant...lagergren
2013-05-278015352: "i".toUpperCase() => currently returns "İ", but should be "I" (with...sundar
2013-05-278014219: Make the run-octane harness more deterministic by not measuring elap...lagergren
2013-05-278015348: RegExp("[") results in StackOverflowErrorhannesw
2013-05-248015351: Nashorn shell does not start with Turkish localesundar
2013-05-248015354: JSON.parse should not use [[Put]] but use [[DefineOwnProperty]] insteadsundar
2013-05-248011630: JSON parsing performance issuehannesw
2013-05-23Added tag jdk8-b91 for changeset 6b9f41203800jdk8-b92katleman
2013-05-238012522: Clean up lexical contexts - split out stack based functionality in C...lagergren
2013-05-238015278: Revert accidental changes to build.xmlattila
2013-05-238012083: Array literal constant folding issuelagergren
2013-05-238015267: Allow conversion of JS arrays to Java List/Dequeattila
2013-05-228010804: Review long and integer usage conventionshannesw
2013-05-228014735: Typed Array, BYTES_PER_ELEMENT should be a class propertysundar
2013-05-228008947: ScriptEnvironment ctor should be publicsundar
2013-05-218014827: readLine should accept a prompt as an argumentjlaskey
2013-05-218014953: Have NativeJavaPackage throw a ClassNotFoundException when invokedattila
2013-05-208014797: rename Java.toJavaArray/toJavaScriptArray to Java.to/from, respectiv...attila
2013-05-208014909: ant test compilation error with JoniTest.javasundar
2013-05-208006069: Range analysis first iteration, runtime specializationslagergren
2013-05-178014823: Reprise - Smoke test fail: Windows JDK-8008554.js - access denied ("...jlaskey
2013-05-178012694: Smoke test fail: Windows JDK-8008554.js - access denied ("java.io.Fi...jlaskey
2013-05-16Added tag jdk8-b90 for changeset 67ca019e3713katleman
2013-05-168012359: Increase code coverage in Jonihannesw
2013-05-168013919: Original exception no longer thrown away when a finally rethrowslagergren
2013-05-168009141: Avoid netscape.javascript.JSObject in nashorn codesundar
2013-05-158014647: Allow class-based overrides to be initialized with a ScriptFunctionattila
2013-05-158014648: Exclude testing and infrastructure packages from code coverage, roun...jlaskey
2013-05-158012305: Function.bind can't be called on prototype function inside constructorsundar
2013-05-158014646: Update the Java interop documentation in the Java Scripting Programm...attila
2013-05-158014639: Remove debug flag from test runsattila
2013-05-148014426: Original exception no longer thrown away when a finally rethrowslagergren
2013-05-148011718: binding already bound function with extra arguments failsattila
2013-05-148014512: Exclude testing and infrastructure packages from code coveragejlaskey
2013-05-148014492: Make NashornLinker publicattila
2013-05-108014329: Slim down the label stack structure in CodeGeneratorlagergren