AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-16Added tag jdk8-b90 for changeset 67ca019e3713katleman
2013-05-148014492: Make NashornLinker publicattila
2013-05-108014329: Slim down the label stack structure in CodeGeneratorlagergren
2013-05-09Added tag jdk8-b89 for changeset 45ce27fbe272jdk8-b90katleman
2013-05-088014225: Rerun only failed 262 testsattila
2013-05-088013912: Nashorn needs to reuse temporary symbolsattila
2013-05-078013914: Removed explicit LineNumberNodes that were too brittle when code mov...lagergren
2013-05-078013913: Removed Source field from all nodes except FunctionNode in order to ...lagergren
2013-05-038013874: Function argument's prototype seem cached and wrongly reusedhannesw
2013-05-038013873: Regexp regression for escaped dash in character classhannesw
2013-05-038013878: ClassCastException in Regexhannesw
2013-05-038013871: mem usage histograms enabled with compiler logging level set to more...lagergren
2013-05-038013477: Node.setSymbol needs to be copy on write - enable IR snapshots for r...lagergren
2013-05-02Added tag jdk8-b88 for changeset 40c107d1ae6fkatleman
2013-05-028013796: load("fx:base.js") should not be in fx:bootstrap.jsjlaskey
2013-05-028013794: JDK-8006220 caused an octane performance regression.jlaskey
2013-05-028013729: SwitchPoint invalidation not working over prototype chainhannesw
2013-04-308006220: Simplify PropertyMapsjlaskey
2013-04-308013533: Increase code coverage report for types and logginglagergren
2013-04-298008814: Configurable ignore/warning/error behavior for function declaration ...attila
2013-04-298013444: JSON.parse does not invoke "reviver" callback as per spec.sundar
2013-04-298013419: Streamline handling of with and evalattila
2013-04-268013360: Should be using JavaFX 8 classes for -fx supportjlaskey
2013-04-268013369: nashorn build failure with jdk8 b84sundar
2013-04-268006559: Octane:pdfjs leaks memory, runs slower iteration to iterationhannesw
2013-04-268013337: Issues with Date.prototype's get, set functionssundar
2013-04-268013208: Octane performance regressionjlaskey
2013-04-268013325: function named 'arguments' should set DEFINES_ARGUMENTS flag in its ...attila
2013-04-268013295: ScriptEngineTest.java fails with compilation error when running unde...sundar
2013-04-25Added tag jdk8-b87 for changeset 774aeaa89bc1jdk8-b88katleman
2013-04-258013167: Vararg constructor not foundattila
2013-04-258013203: A collection of smaller speedups to compilation pipelineattila
2013-04-258013131: Various compatibility issues in String.prototype.split()hannesw
2013-04-248012251: jjs should support -fx optionjlaskey
2013-04-248008238: Labeled break in finally causes stack overflow in Node copyhannesw
2013-04-248012931: NativeDate.safeToString() throws RangeError for invalid datehannesw
2013-04-248012334: ToUint32, ToInt32, and ToUint16 don't conform to spechannesw
2013-04-238010731: Don't expose internal symbols to scriptsattila
2013-04-238011065: Problems when script implements an interface with variadic methodsattila
2013-04-228012919: findMegaMorphicSetMethod should not cast result typejlaskey
2013-04-228012673: Nashorn's package name vs class name inferring logic is wrongsundar