AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-18Added tag jdk8-b99 for changeset 10a1ab9e20a4cl
2013-07-168015356: array concatenation should skip empty elementsattila
2013-07-168010821: [findbugs] Some classes in jdk.nashorn.internal.runtime.regexp expos...hannesw
2013-07-168020357: throw RangeError for too large NativeArrayBuffer sizeattila
2013-07-158020358: Array(0xfffffff) throws OutOfMemoryErrorhannesw
2013-07-158011210: fix reporting of call site locations; print them on -tcs=missattila
2013-07-158020283: Don't use exceptions for widening of ArrayDatahannesw
2013-07-158020508: Enforce reflection access restrictions on Object.bindPropertiesattila
2013-07-158020354: Object literal property initialization is not done in source orderhannesw
2013-07-158020324: Implement Object.bindProperties(target, source) for beansattila
2013-07-128020463: Input argument array wrapping in loadWithNewGlobal is wrongsundar
2013-07-128019822: Duplicate name and signature in finally blockattila
2013-07-128020223: ClassCastException: String can not be casted to ScriptFunctionsundar
2013-07-128020437: Wrong handling of line numbers with multiline string literalssundar
2013-07-118020125: PrintVisitor wasn't printing bodies of FunctionNode within UnaryNodeattila
2013-07-118012191: noSuchProperty can't cope with vararg functionssundar
2013-07-11Added tag jdk8-b98 for changeset 542b7803f038jdk8-b99katleman
2013-07-118013925: Remove symbol fields from nodes that don't need themattila
2013-07-118020380: __noSuchProperty__ defined in mozilla_compat.js script should be non...sundar
2013-07-118020325: static property does not work on accessible, public classessundar
2013-07-108020276: interface checks in Invocable.getInterface implementationsundar
2013-07-108016681: regex capture behaves differently than on V8hannesw
2013-07-108020224: LinkageError: attempted duplicate class definition when --loader-per...sundar
2013-07-098020124: In the case of an eval switch, we might need explicit conversions of...lagergren
2013-07-098014785: Ability to extend global instance by binding properties of another o...sundar
2013-07-098009758: reactivate the 8006529 test.attila
2013-07-088019963: empty char range in regexhannesw
2013-07-088020035: nashorn jdk buildfile BuildNashorn.gmk still renamed jdk.nashorn.int...sundar
2013-07-088020015: shared PropertyMaps should not be used without duplicationsundar
2013-07-058019983: Void returns combined with return with expression picked the wrong r...lagergren
2013-07-058019819: scope symbol didn't get a slot in certain casesattila
2013-07-058017084: Use spill properties for large object literalshannesw
2013-07-058019947: inherited property invalidation does not work with two globals in sa...sundar
2013-07-048019821: allInteger switches were confused by boolean cases, as they are a na...lagergren
2013-07-048019809: return after break incorrectly sets the block as terminalattila
2013-07-04Added tag jdk8-b97 for changeset 1bf1d6ce3042cl
2013-07-038011629: Object.defineProperty performance issuejlaskey
2013-07-038017768: allow dot as inner class name separator for Java.typeattila
2013-07-038019814: Add regression test for passing casessundar
2013-07-038019811: Static calls - self referential functions needed a return type conve...lagergren
2013-07-038019805: for each (init; test; modify) is invalidsundar
2013-07-038019585: Sometimes a var declaration using itself in its init wasn't declared...lagergren