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@@ -81,13 +81,13 @@ TestNG library and placing its jar file into the lib subdirectory:
After that, you can run the tests using:
cd make
- ant test
+ ant clean test
You can also run the ECMA-262 test suite with Nashorn. In order to do
that, you will need to get a copy of it and put it in
test/script/external/test262 directory. A convenient way to do it is:
- hg clone http://hg.ecmascript.org/tests/test262/ test/script/external/test262
+ git clone https://github.com/tc39/test262 test/script/external/test262
Alternatively, you can check it out elsewhere and make
test/script/external/test262 a symbolic link to that directory. After
@@ -95,6 +95,11 @@ you've done this, you can run the ECMA-262 tests using:
cd nashorn~jdk8/nashorn/make
ant test262
+Ant target to get/update external test suites:
+ ant externals
+ ant update-externals
These tests take time, so we have a parallelized runner for them that
takes advantage of all processor cores on the computer: