path: root/arch/x86/events/intel/core.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-12perf/x86: Fix undefined shift on 32-bit kernelsAndrey Ryabinin
2016-05-05perf/x86: Add model numbers for Kabylake CPUsAndi Kleen
2016-04-23perf/x86/intel: Add model number for Skylake Server to perfAndi Kleen
2016-03-08perf/x86/intel: Fix PEBS data source interpretation on Nehalem/WestmereAndi Kleen
2016-03-08perf/x86/pebs: Add proper PEBS constraints for BroadwellStephane Eranian
2016-03-08perf/x86/pebs: Add workaround for broken OVFL status on HSW+Stephane Eranian
2016-03-08perf/x86/intel: Fix PEBS warning by only restoring active PMU in pmiKan Liang
2016-02-17perf/x86: Move perf_event.h to its new homeBorislav Petkov
2016-02-17perf/x86: Move perf_event_intel.c ............ => x86/events/intel/core.cBorislav Petkov