AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-05arm64: update fdts for models from arm upstreamleg-20131205.0Graeme Gregory
2013-12-04fix merge error in arch/arm/include/asm/io.hleg-20131204.0Graeme Gregory
2013-12-04Merge branch 'leg-conf-fragments-llct-20131112.0' of git://git.linaro.org/arm...Graeme Gregory
2013-12-04Merge branch 'acpi' of git://git.linaro.org/arm/acpi/acpi into leg-kernelGraeme Gregory
2013-12-04Merge branch 'msalter/armv8-uefi-latest' of git://git.linaro.org/arm/acpi/acp...Graeme Gregory
2013-12-04Merge branch 'efi-stub-arm-submitted-v4-20130928-leg-kernel-20131018' of git:...Graeme Gregory
2013-12-04linaro: add efi stub configGraeme Gregory
2013-12-04configs: add acpi fragmentGraeme Gregory
2013-12-04Merge branch 'topic-armv7-uefi-runtime-services' of git://git.linaro.org/peop...Graeme Gregory
2013-12-03arm64: acpi_defconfigGraeme Gregory
2013-12-03ACPI: ARM: remove blob offset we are no longer using it.Graeme Gregory
2013-12-03ARM64: ACPI: fix the definition of acpi_suspend_lowlevelGraeme Gregory
2013-11-28ACPI / platform: Use official HID as LNRONaresh Bhat
2013-11-28ARM: ACPI: define acpi_suspend_lowlevel as NULL for armGraeme Gregory
2013-11-28ACPI: process_idle repair hardware reduced compile issueGraeme Gregory
2013-11-26ACPI: ARM: disable x86-specific processor idle codeAl Stone
2013-11-26ACPI: ARM: stub out PCI configuration call for non-PCI systemsAl Stone
2013-11-26ACPI: ARM: clean up comments and disable PAD code for ARMAl Stone
2013-11-26ACPI: ARM: remove unnecessary commentsAl Stone
2013-11-26ACPI: ARM: remove x86 acpi_wakeup_address usage when running on ARMAl Stone
2013-11-26ACPI: ARM: Clean up a leftover comment that is no longer pertinent.Al Stone
2013-11-26ACPI: ARM: make use of an ACPI blob address in FDT /chosen configurable.Al Stone
2013-11-21ARM64: ACPI: removce #if around acpi.hGraeme Gregory
2013-11-21ARM: ACPI: removce #if around acpi.hGraeme Gregory
2013-11-21ARM / ACPI: Remove unused variablesHanjun Guo
2013-11-21ARM / ACPI: Remove the global lock definition in header fileHanjun Guo
2013-11-21ARM / ACPI: Remove acpi_lapic and acpi_ioapic related codeHanjun Guo
2013-11-21ARM: ACPI: remove irq type switching from coreGraeme Gregory
2013-11-21ARM: ACPI: simplify directory structureGraeme Gregory
2013-11-20ACPI: ARM: remove sleep.cGraeme Gregory
2013-11-19apei, hest: Wrap all MCE code inside #ifdef CONFIG_X86_MCE to enable platform...Tomasz Nowicki
2013-11-19ARM/ARM64: Remove BOOT table related stuffHanjun Guo
2013-11-19ARM/ARM64 : remove HPET related stuffHanjun Guo
2013-11-19ACPI: Add uart pl011 platform IDNaresh Bhat
2013-11-19ACPI: FDT: clean up unused variable in early_init_dt_scan_acpiAl Stone
2013-11-19ACPI: ARM: stub out acpi_idle_play_dead properlyAl Stone
2013-11-19ACPI / platform: add some comments for internel registry of _HID namesHanjun Guo
2013-11-19ACPI: ARM: add in DTS files for the FVP model (from ARM github)Al Stone
2013-11-19ACPI: ARM: update DTS for RTSM VE motherboard (from ARM github)Al Stone
2013-11-19ACPI: Add vexpress sysreg platform IDNaresh Bhat
2013-11-19v2m_sysreg: Add ACPI probing for SYSREGNaresh Bhat
2013-11-19arm64: dts: delete bus, devices bindingNaresh Bhat
2013-11-19ARM: ACPI: remove the global lock, arm is reduced hwGraeme Gregory
2013-11-19ACPI: ARM: link ARM and the ACPI reduced hardware profileAl Stone
2013-11-19ACPI: ARM/ARM64: ensure the ACPI FACS global_lock is never used in HW reduced...Al Stone
2013-11-19ACPI: correct #ifdef so compilation without ACPI_REDUCED_HARDWARE worksAl Stone
2013-11-19ACPI: use of ACPI_FADT_32BIT_TIMER is not allowed in HW reduced modeAl Stone
2013-11-19ACPI: ACPI_FADT_C2_MP_SUPPORTED must be ignored in HW reduced modeAl Stone
2013-11-19ACPI: add clarifying comment about processor throttling in HW reduced modeAl Stone
2013-11-19ACPI: in HW reduced mode, getting power latencies from FADT is not allowedAl Stone