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Merge branch 'efi-core-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tip/tip
Pull EFI updates from Ingo Molnar: "The main changes are: - Use separate EFI page tables when executing EFI firmware code. This isolates the EFI context from the rest of the kernel, which has security and general robustness advantages. (Matt Fleming) - Run regular UEFI firmware with interrupts enabled. This is already the status quo under other OSs. (Ard Biesheuvel) - Various x86 EFI enhancements, such as the use of non-executable attributes for EFI memory mappings. (Sai Praneeth Prakhya) - Various arm64 UEFI enhancements. (Ard Biesheuvel) - ... various fixes and cleanups. The separate EFI page tables feature got delayed twice already, because it's an intrusive change and we didn't feel confident about it - third time's the charm we hope!" * 'efi-core-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tip/tip: (37 commits) x86/mm/pat: Fix boot crash when 1GB pages are not supported by the CPU x86/efi: Only map kernel text for EFI mixed mode x86/efi: Map EFI_MEMORY_{XP,RO} memory region bits to EFI page tables x86/mm/pat: Don't implicitly allow _PAGE_RW in kernel_map_pages_in_pgd() efi/arm*: Perform hardware compatibility check efi/arm64: Check for h/w support before booting a >4 KB granular kernel efi/arm: Check for LPAE support before booting a LPAE kernel efi/arm-init: Use read-only early mappings efi/efistub: Prevent __init annotations from being used arm64/vmlinux.lds.S: Handle .init.rodata.xxx and .init.bss sections efi/arm64: Drop __init annotation from handle_kernel_image() x86/mm/pat: Use _PAGE_GLOBAL bit for EFI page table mappings efi/runtime-wrappers: Run UEFI Runtime Services with interrupts enabled efi: Reformat GUID tables to follow the format in UEFI spec efi: Add Persistent Memory type name efi: Add NV memory attribute x86/efi: Show actual ending addresses in efi_print_memmap x86/efi/bgrt: Don't ignore the BGRT if the 'valid' bit is 0 efivars: Use to_efivar_entry efi: Runtime-wrapper: Get rid of the rtc_lock spinlock ...
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