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2014-05-19Improve BL3-0 documentationHarry Liebel
Provide some information about the expected use of BL3-0. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#144 Change-Id: I5c8d59a675578394be89481ae4ec39ca37522750
2014-05-06Always use named structs in header filesDan Handley
Add tag names to all unnamed structs in header files. This allows forward declaration of structs, which is necessary to reduce header file nesting (to be implemented in a subsequent commit). Also change the typedef names across the codebase to use the _t suffix to be more conformant with the Linux coding style. The coding style actually prefers us not to use typedefs at all but this is considered a step too far for Trusted Firmware. Also change the IO framework structs defintions to use typedef'd structs to be consistent with the rest of the codebase. Change-Id: I722b2c86fc0d92e4da3b15e5cab20373dd26786f
2014-05-06Move include and source files to logical locationsDan Handley
Move almost all system include files to a logical sub-directory under ./include. The only remaining system include directories not under ./include are specific to the platform. Move the corresponding source files to match the include directory structure. Also remove pm.h as it is no longer used. Change-Id: Ie5ea6368ec5fad459f3e8a802ad129135527f0b3
2014-03-21FIP tool: Fix error message for missing FIP filenameSandrine Bailleux
Previously to this path, the FIP tool used to print the following, misleading error message when called without any argument or with '--help' option: ERROR: Too many arguments This patch fixes this behavior by printing the following error message instead: ERROR: Missing FIP filename If called with '--help', no error message is printed and only the help message is displayed. Change-Id: Ib281b056f5cd3bc2f66d98be0b0cb2a0aed7c6a8
2014-03-21FIP tool: Add support for '--help' option.Sandrine Bailleux
Also improve the help message printed by the FIP tool. Change-Id: If0f802f1083458182ca8ce57e8c104d40eee0dbe
2014-03-21FIP tool: Small optimisation for option parsingSandrine Bailleux
This patch makes use of different values for '--dump' and other command-line options. This makes the code simpler and also optimises it a bit (because it avoids a string comparison). Change-Id: I1c8345f210074fc5f962ea0282fd3625775dec69
2014-02-20Cleanup FIP build targets and messagesJeenu Viswambharan
At present the fip.bin depends on phony targets for BL images, resulting in unconditional remake of fip.bin. Also the build messages doesn't match with the rest of build system. This patch modifies the fip.bin dependencies to the actual BL binary images so that fip.bin is remade only when the component images are rebuilt/modified. The build messages and FIP Makefile are modified to match the style of rest of the build system. Change-Id: I8dd08666ff766d106820a5b4b037c2161bcf140f
2014-02-17Add Firmware Image Package creation toolHarry Liebel
This tool can be used to create a Firmware Image Packages (FIP). These FIPs store a combined set of firmware images with a Table of Contents (ToC) that can be loaded by the firmware from platform storage. - Add uuid.h from FreeBSD. - Use symbolic links to shared headers otherwise unwanted headers and definitions are pulled in. - A FIP is created as part of the default FVP build. - A BL3-3 image(e.g. UEFI) must be provided. Change-Id: Ib73feee181df2dba68bf6abec115a83cfa5e26cb