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2014-02-28Add v0.3 release documentationDan Handley
Update the readme.md and change-log.md with release information. Also, remove the "Detailed changes since last release" section of the change-log.md since the same information can be found in the GIT commit messages. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#22. Change-Id: I968cc8aaf588aa5c34ba8f1c12a5b797a46e04f5
2014-01-17Update year in copyright text to 2014Dan Handley
Change-Id: Ic7fb61aabae1d515b9e6baf3dd003807ff42da60
2014-01-17Refer to separate issue tracking repositoryDan Handley
Update documentation to refer to separate issue tracking repository, https://github.com/ARM-software/tf-issues/issues. Change-Id: Ib1cef65b0da420bec58290d8743eb069b1226c96
2013-12-05Enable third party contributionsDan Handley
- Add instructions for contributing to ARM Trusted Firmware. - Update copyright text in all files to acknowledge contributors. Change-Id: I9311aac81b00c6c167d2f8c889aea403b84450e5
2013-11-14Fix documentation issues in v0.2 releaseJames Morrissey
Change-Id: I4e2a9daa97e3be3d2f53894f2ec7947ba6bb3a16
2013-10-25ARMv8 Trusted Firmware release v0.2v0.2Achin Gupta