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2014-06-24Inline the mmio accessor functionsAndrew Thoelke
Making the simple mmio_read_*() and mmio_write_*() functions inline saves 360 bytes of code in FVP release build. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#210 Change-Id: I65134f9069f3b2d8821d882daaa5fdfe16355e2f
2014-04-24Add TrustZone (TZC-400) driverHarry Liebel
The TZC-400 performs security checks on transactions to memory or peripherals. Separate regions can be created in the address space each with individual security settings. Limitations: This driver does not currently support raising an interrupt on access violation. Change-Id: Idf8ed64b4d8d218fc9b6f9d75acdb2cd441d2449
2014-01-17Probe for GICv3 re-distributors on core bring-upHarry Liebel
The GICv3 distributor can have more ports than CPUs are available in the system. Probe all re-distributors and use the matching affinity levels as specified by each core and re-distributor to decide which re-distributor to use with which CPU core. If a core cannot be matched with a re-distributor, the core panics and is placed in an endless loop. Change-Id: Ie393cfe07c7449a2383959e3c968664882e18afc
2014-01-17Update year in copyright text to 2014Dan Handley
Change-Id: Ic7fb61aabae1d515b9e6baf3dd003807ff42da60
2013-12-05Enable third party contributionsDan Handley
- Add instructions for contributing to ARM Trusted Firmware. - Update copyright text in all files to acknowledge contributors. Change-Id: I9311aac81b00c6c167d2f8c889aea403b84450e5
2013-10-25ARMv8 Trusted Firmware release v0.2v0.2Achin Gupta