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2014-05-22Reserve some DDR DRAM for secure use on FVP platformsJuan Castillo
TZC-400 is configured to set the last 16MB of DRAM1 as secure memory and the rest of DRAM as non-secure. Non-secure software must not attempt to access the 16MB secure area. Device tree files (sources and binaries) have been updated to match this configuration, removing that memory from the Linux physical memory map. To use UEFI and Linux with this patch, the latest version of UEFI and the updated device tree files are required. Check the user guide in the documentation for more details. Replaced magic numbers with #define for memory region definition in the platform security initialization function. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#149 Change-Id: Ia5d070244aae6c5288ea0e6c8e89d92859522bfe
2014-04-24Enable secure memory support for FVPsHarry Liebel
- Use the TrustZone controller on Base FVP to program DRAM access permissions. By default no access to DRAM is allowed if 'secure memory' is enabled on the Base FVP. - The Foundation FVP does not have a TrustZone controller but instead has fixed access permissions. - Update FDTs for Linux to use timers at the correct security level. - Starting the FVPs with 'secure memory' disabled is also supported. Limitations: Virtio currently uses a reserved NSAID. This will be corrected in future FVP releases. Change-Id: I0b6c003a7b5982267815f62bcf6eb82aa4c50a31
2014-01-17Update year in copyright text to 2014Dan Handley
Change-Id: Ic7fb61aabae1d515b9e6baf3dd003807ff42da60
2013-12-05Enable third party contributionsDan Handley
- Add instructions for contributing to ARM Trusted Firmware. - Update copyright text in all files to acknowledge contributors. Change-Id: I9311aac81b00c6c167d2f8c889aea403b84450e5
2013-11-27Increase default amount of RAM for Base FVPs in FDTsHarry Liebel
- Large RAM-disks may have trouble starting with 2GB of memory. - Increase from 2GB to 4GB in FDT. Change-Id: I12c1b8e5db41114b88c69c48621cb21247a6a6a7
2013-11-14Add GICv3 ITS to FDTsHarry Liebel
- The interrupt addresses need to be updated to work. Change-Id: Icdd00177095ae9e4eb7b13718762f92e29b1465c
2013-11-14FDTs for v5.2 Foundation modelHarry Liebel
- The Foundation FVP is a cut down version of the Base FVP and as such lacks some components. - Three FDTs are provided. fvp-foundation-gicv2legacy-psci: Use this when setting the Foundation FVP to use GICv2. In this mode the GIC is located at the VE location, as described in the VE platform memory map. fvp-foundation-gicv3-psci : Use this when setting the Foundation FVP to use GICv3. In this mode the GIC is located at the Base location, as described in the Base platform memory map. fvp-foundation-gicv2-psci : Use this when setting the Foundation FVP to use GICv3, but Linux is expected to use GICv2 emulation mode. In this mode the GIC is located at the Base location, but the GICv3 is used in GICv2 emulation mode. Change-Id: I9d69bcef35c64cc8f16550efe077f578e55aaae5
2013-10-25ARMv8 Trusted Firmware release v0.2v0.2Achin Gupta