path: root/fdts/fvp-base-gicv3-psci.dtb
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2014-04-24Enable secure memory support for FVPsHarry Liebel
- Use the TrustZone controller on Base FVP to program DRAM access permissions. By default no access to DRAM is allowed if 'secure memory' is enabled on the Base FVP. - The Foundation FVP does not have a TrustZone controller but instead has fixed access permissions. - Update FDTs for Linux to use timers at the correct security level. - Starting the FVPs with 'secure memory' disabled is also supported. Limitations: Virtio currently uses a reserved NSAID. This will be corrected in future FVP releases. Change-Id: I0b6c003a7b5982267815f62bcf6eb82aa4c50a31
2013-11-27Increase default amount of RAM for Base FVPs in FDTsHarry Liebel
- Large RAM-disks may have trouble starting with 2GB of memory. - Increase from 2GB to 4GB in FDT. Change-Id: I12c1b8e5db41114b88c69c48621cb21247a6a6a7
2013-11-14Add GICv3 ITS to FDTsHarry Liebel
- The interrupt addresses need to be updated to work. Change-Id: Icdd00177095ae9e4eb7b13718762f92e29b1465c
2013-10-25ARMv8 Trusted Firmware release v0.2v0.2Achin Gupta