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2014-05-23Merge pull request #101 from sandrine-bailleux:sb/tf-issue-81-v2Andrew Thoelke
2014-05-23doc: Update information about the memory layoutSandrine Bailleux
Rework the "Memory layout on FVP platforms" section in the Firmware Design document. Add information about where the TSP image fits in the memory layout when present. Add documentation for the base addresses of each bootloader image in the porting guide. Change-Id: I4afb2605e008a1cb28c44a697804f2cb6bb4c9aa
2014-05-19Improve BL3-0 documentationHarry Liebel
Provide some information about the expected use of BL3-0. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#144 Change-Id: I5c8d59a675578394be89481ae4ec39ca37522750
2014-04-24FVP secure memory support documentationHarry Liebel
Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#64 Change-Id: I4e56c25f9dc7f486fbf6fa2f7d8253874119b989
2014-04-08Define frequency of system counter in platform codeSandrine Bailleux
BL3-1 architecture setup code programs the system counter frequency into the CNTFRQ_EL0 register. This frequency is defined by the platform, though. This patch introduces a new platform hook that the architecture setup code can call to retrieve this information. In the ARM FVP port, this returns the first entry of the frequency modes table from the memory mapped generic timer. All system counter setup code has been removed from BL1 as some platforms may not have initialized the system counters at this stage. The platform specific settings done exclusively in BL1 have been moved to BL3-1. In the ARM FVP port, this consists in enabling and initializing the System level generic timer. Also, the frequency change request in the counter control register has been set to 0 to make it explicit it's using the base frequency. The CNTCR_FCREQ() macro has been fixed in this context to give an entry number rather than a bitmask. In future, when support for firmware update is implemented, there is a case where BL1 platform specific code will need to program the counter frequency. This should be implemented at that time. This patch also updates the relevant documentation. It properly fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#24 Change-Id: If95639b279f75d66ac0576c48a6614b5ccb0e84b
2014-04-08Revert "Move architecture timer setup to platform-specific code"Sandrine Bailleux
This reverts commit 1c297bf015226c182b66498d5a64b8b51c7624f5 because it introduced a bug: the CNTFRQ_EL0 register was no longer programmed by all CPUs. bl31_platform_setup() function is invoked only in the cold boot path and consequently only on the primary cpu. A subsequent commit will correctly implement the necessary changes to the counter frequency setup code. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#125 Conflicts: docs/firmware-design.md plat/fvp/bl31_plat_setup.c Change-Id: Ib584ad7ed069707ac04cf86717f836136ad3ab54
2014-03-26Initialise UART console in all bootloader stagesVikram Kanigiri
This patch reworks the console driver to ensure that each bootloader stage initializes it independently. As a result, both BL3-1 and BL2 platform code now calls console_init() instead of relying on BL1 to perform console setup Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#120 Change-Id: Ic4d66e0375e40a2fc7434afcabc8bbb4715c14ab
2014-03-10Move architecture timer setup to platform-specific codeJeenu Viswambharan
At present, bl1_arch_setup() and bl31_arch_setup() program the counter frequency using a value from the memory mapped generic timer. The generic timer however is not necessarily present on all ARM systems (although it is architected to be present on all server systems). This patch moves the timer setup to platform-specific code and updates the relevant documentation. Also, CNTR.FCREQ is set as the specification requires the bit corresponding to the counter's frequency to be set when enabling. Since we intend to use the base frequency, set bit 8. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#24 Change-Id: I32c52cf882253e01f49056f47c58c23e6f422652
2014-02-28Consolidate design and porting documentationDan Handley
Consolidate firmware-design.md and porting-guide.pm so that recently added sections fit better with pre-existing sections. Make the documentation more consistent in use of terminology. Change-Id: Id87050b096122fbd845189dc2fe1cd17c3003468
2014-02-28Add EL3 runtime services and SPD documentationDan Handley
1. Add design information on EL3 runtime services and Secure-EL1 Payload Dispatchers (SPD) to firmware-design.md. 2. Create new EL3 runtime service writer's guide (rt-svc-writers-guide.md) to ease creation of new runtime services. Change-Id: I670aeb5fc246e25c6e599a15139aac886a0074fd
2014-02-28Separate firmware design out of user-guide.mdDan Handley
Move the firmware design documentation out of user-guide.md and into a new file - firmware-design.md. Reformat the section headers. Change-Id: I664815dd47011c7c1cf2202aa4472a8fd78ebb92